Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center

As part of the only academic health system in San Diego, the Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center is a hub of discovery and innovation.

Our physicians and researchers are on the front lines of fighting heart and vascular diseases - at the patients' bedsides, in the research lab, and in our community. The technologies, techniques and treatments we develop are setting standards in cardiac care.

Contact us at 858-657-8530.

One Place for Your Heart

Sulpizio Entrance



Mother Delivers Baby, Develops Heart Disease

Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Three weeks after delivering her first child, Amanda began to suffer from extreme fatigue, headaches, a tight chest and stomach pain. Read more.

Patient Experience 

Dr Lori Daniels

Joan, an accomplished pianist, almost gave up her passion for the piano due to a heart condition. Dr. Lori Daniels and a team of experts here made sure Joan continued to make beautiful music.

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