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Pre-Operation Instructions

A. One week before surgery

  • No alcoholic beverage. Alcohol can thin out your blood and increase risk of bleeding
  • Reduce or stop smoking. Smoking causes poor wound healing.
  • Prophylactic antibiotic- Prophylactic antibiotic might be indicated if you have a
    history of heart valve defects or infections, recent joint replacements, tumors
    involving the mouth, nose, ears, lower leg; extensive surgical wounds or need for
    surgical flaps and grafts for repair. Take all prophylactic antibiotics as prescribed.
  • Blood thinners
    • Stop supplements such as fish oil, vitamin E, ginger, ginseng
    • Stop all over the counter NSAIDs (ibuprofen, motrin, aleve, advil, etc). Substitute with Tylenol if needed for pain.
    • Continue taking aspirin if it was prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, stop.
    • Continue Coumadin as prescribed with goal INR 2-3.Please coordinate with your prescribing physician to obtain INR level and change doses if needed

B. Day before surgery

  • Purchase wound care supplies from local pharmacies: paper tape, gauze, telfa pad
    (non-stick), petroleum jelly/Vaseline/Aquaphor.
  • Take all of your usual medications unless directed otherwise by your physicians.
  • Shower and shampoo the night before surgery as initial dressing may have to remain
    dry for > 24 hours.
  • Arrange for transportation if needed, particularly if your skin tumor is near the eyes
    as the bandaging may obscure your peripheral vision.

C. Day of surgery

  • Take all of your usual medications unless directed otherwise by a physician
  • Eat breakfast
  • Bring books, magazines, music to keep yourself entertained while waiting . The hospital provides free WiFi in the waiting room.
  • Bring snacks as the procedure can take several hours
  • Bring a friend or relative with you to the appointment if desired

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