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Ambassador Program

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In addition to contacting us directly, prospective patients can also contact us through one of the UC San Diego Health System’s International Ambassadors. These ambassadors are doctors and other experts who are knowledgeable about the needs and concerns of patients in their home countries. The Ambassador Program provides prospective patients the comfort and familiarity of a local contact who can communicate in their native language and discuss the possibility of coming to UC San Diego Health System for treatment.

Please select the country or region to see the ambassador in your area:

(If you do not see your country listed, this means that we do not yet have an ambassador for that country. In this case, please contact our office directly.)

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Middle East

Dr. Amir Elosseini, MD  
Telephone: + 858-361-3233
Fax: + 619-543-6645

International Services
UC San Diego Medical Center
200 West Arbor Drive, MC 8986
San Diego, CA 92103-8986



Our mission is to be premier provider of superior air ambulance services to pediatric and adult patients throughout the entire duration of their transport. Aeromedevac is committed to providing professional, reliable and cost-effective fixed-wing and rotor-wing transports that are compliant with regulatory agencies.  

Air Evac Inc.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of medical transportation care by providing the best medical resources available with strategic bases of operation to deliver efficient response times at competitive rates

Dr. Luis Miguel Vidal Pineda

Dr. Luis Miguel Vidal Pineda

Dr. Vidal is the UC San Diego Health System Director Ambassador for Mexico. He was clinically trained surgeon graduated from La Salle University with a double major: first, in Health Services Administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico; the second, in Educational Management from the Iberoamerican Education Quality Council of Lima, Peru; Specialty features in Total Quality by the Mexican Institute of Quality Control, and three certificates from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM): Statistics for Total Quality, Strategic Management Medical Managed Care Organizations and Strategic Management.

He is a Founding Partner of the Mexican Society of Quality Health Care, and was the founder of the Unit Coordinator of Studies on Quality of Health Care of the National Public Health Institute of Mexico. He has been Advisor and Trainer of the Ministries of Public Health of the Republics of Cuba, Honduras, Colombia and Chile for the development of quality programs, safety and cost of Medical Care. He also participated and advised in the design of Quality Programs of the Ministries of Health of the Government of the Mexican states of Sonora, Guanajuato and Tabasco, as well as the Rehabilitation Services and the School of Nursing of the State of Nuevo León, Mexico. He was Secretary General of the Mexican Association of Insurance Medicine and was Chairman of the Committees of Public Relations Health Services and Health System Efficiency of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions Mexico; so also was the negotiator and implementer of the first agreement that has the Mayo Clinic executed with an insurance company outside the United States. Has Published articles in regards to Quality Controls in National Journals and has been a speaker on this subject at Multiple National and International Forums.

He has been Director of the Interagency Committee on Health Information, Ministry of Health of Mexico, the National Certification Commission for Medical Care Establishments who chairs the Ministry of Health of Mexico, Member of the National Committee for Quality in the NHS it has also been Director Counsel of the National Crusade for Quality of Health Services in the previous administration of the Ministry of Health of Mexico, President of the Mexican Society of Quality and Safety of Health Care, Member of the Commission certification of the General Health Council of the Presidency of the Republic, member of the Committee for the Integration of Clinical Practice Guidelines. He served as a Medical Director for GNP for 17 years as the Director of Quality and Efficiency General Health Council of the Ministry of Health of Mexico; Director for Mexico and Latin America the Methodist Health Care System, Director of Strategic Alliances and Agreements MediAccess, Administrator of Health Services, Director of Health Services Management and AXA Seguros Mexico as International Business Coordinator at Holy Cross Hospital Florida, USA.

Currently is Medical Specialist Associate of the Mexican Academy of Surgery, Permanent Member of the Iberoamerican Council in honor of the quality of education, member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care, Member of the American Association of Health Plans, a member of the Technical Committee of Hispanic Healthcare Program, senior fellow in the Faculty of Medicine, University La Salle Administration of Health Services, Vice President Founder of the American Society for quality in Health Care, Director and Ambassador of the University of California San Diego.

Carola Cid

Carola Cid
Ms. Carola Cid, the UC San Diego Medical System International Ambassador for the Baja California Sur region of Mexico is a Medical Tourism Specialist, Certified by the Tourism Medical Association (MTA), also she has a Specialty in Public Administration by Universidad Iberoamericana. During the last eight years, she has developed and grown within the health field and has led several institutions in different states of Mexico facilitating various services for outpatients units or short-stay specialized treatments. She´s also honored to be appointed as Ambassador in Los Cabos for the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Health System. Carola has extensive knowledge in the health services field with in Baja California Sur and the rest of Mexico.

Central America

Rosa Olvera


Dr. Alexandra Mora 

Dr. Alexandra Mora
ENT Doctor Specialized in facial plastic surgery, rejuvenation, laser medicine and aesthetic non-invasive procedures. She owns, manages, and is the scientific director of “COSMEDICALS” a facial, body, health, wellness and beauty rejuvenation center and of “COEAC”, an ENT and audiology center, DRALEXANDRAMORA.COM. Pioneering anti-stress, weight control and smoking cessation cold laser integral therapy in Colombia: FREELASERTHERAPY.COM. Creator of the skincare medical line “COSMEDICALS Anti-Aging Formulas”. She is a specialist, consulting member and surgeon member for the “Clinica Del Country” a 50 year old leading private hospital in Bogota, Colombia. She has 20 years of experience and dedication in excellence for and commitment to aesthetic innovation. She has been a lecturer and speaker both locally and internationally in facial plastic surgery, health, beauty, wellness and in the future of facial rejuvenation. Treasurer for the Colombian Society of Facial and Plastic Surgery and Rhinology. She has been appointed as a teacher and Director of the course “Advances in Minimally Invasive Surgery” by the “Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud” FUCS. She is the International Ambassador of the University of California, Health System for Colombia. Author of multiple medical articles, of a “Cosmeceutical’s Manual for Physicians,” and wellness book “I Love Myself” (Not Published Yet). Author of “Nubes de Abril” (Now in the third edition and of “Conexion Purg@ttorio” novel. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Alexandra Mora H.
UC San Diego International Ambassador
Tel: 530-1717/ 530-2193


Dr. Gustavo Gercovich


Jorge Del Carpio 

Jorge Del Carpio
Dr. Del Carpio is presently serving as the medical director for UBAP Medical Center in Lima, Peru. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine as well as his medical degree from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM). Dr. Del Carpio also received his board certification from the National Register of Specialists (specializing in general surgery) from the College of Medicine in Peru. Some of Dr. Del Carpio’s noteworthy achievements include the following: Acting chief of the Emergency Room and Acting Chief of the Shock-Trauma Department at the National Police Hospital in Lima. Dr. Del Carpio also received certificates Peruvian Association of Internal Medicine, the Peruvian Cardiology Association as well as the Peruvian Association of Plastic Surgery for the successful completion of various coursework. Furthermore, Dr. Del Carpio has received a special commendation from the President of the National Congress for his work with the indigent population in the rural areas of Peru and has served as an advisor to the Minister of the Interior regarding Health Care issues. Dr. Del Carpio retired from the National Police Force with the rank of Colonel after 30 years of service. Dr. Del Carpio speaks English, Spanish and German.

UC San Diego International Medical Ambassador - Peru
Tel: 511-423-2370


William Peguero 

William Peguero, Sr.,
Government Relations & Project Management Practice



Professional Profile:

  • Senior Vice President, Caribbean Market Development, International Triage, LLC
  • Market Development Executive, ASUIA, LTD, International Health Plans & RE
  • Former chairman of the Cayman Islands National Investment Council
  • 30 years of multi-cultural business experience
  • Successful entrepreneur with business interests in the Cayman Islands, Florida, Panama and the Dominican Republic.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Experienced lobbyist
  • Expertise in international healthcare, hospitality, PPP infrastructure development & project financing
  • In depth understanding of TPA, assistance operations and international medical services
  • Seasoned business “match-maker”
  • Event planning coordination
  • Aviation business analysis

Attended University of Albuquerque 1979
William Peguero, Sr.