Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop

Megan Leuchars

Join Megan Leuchars (RYT 200, Certificate in Yoga of Recovery) for a ninety-minute monthly, experiential workshop into Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga. This MM&Y workshop is designed to help participants understand and cultivate moment-to-moment awareness through gentle movement, focus on the breath, and the encouragement of a kinder, more compassionate way of relating to their mind and body.

During this Workshop, participants will learn how to...

  • Practice mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.
  • Increase ability to relax while resting in the present moment.
  • Improve ability to cope with stressful situations.
  • Release tensions and increase energy.
  • Cultivate skills in being present to bring more joy, creativity, and happiness into life.

When: Second Saturday of each month, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (November class will be the 3rd Saturday,  Nov. 16th)
Location: 5060 Shoreham Place, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92122
Registration: RSVP to 858-334-4631
Cost: $20 day of event at the door. Cash or check made payable to UC Regents.

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone with a curiosity about mindfulness, meditation, and yoga as it is presented in our Mindfulness-Based programs! This workshop is for people who have little to no experience or would like to jump start their practice with these methods, including those who are considering taking our center's programs, such as MBSR and MSC, and people looking for community and on-going opportunities to practice Mindfulness.

Upcoming Schedule and Online Registration

December 14 - Giving the Gift of Loving-Kindness

"Each day comes bearing new and wonderful gifts, be there in the moment for your heart to receive them."

This is the time of year when joyful celebrations and embracing the spirit of giving and receiving are at a high.  One of the greatest gifts we can offer during this time is the gift of loving-kindness.  Research shows that the act of giving creates feelings of fulfillment, joy, and purpose.  Practicing the gift of loving-kindness is a way to extend our offerings of peace, happiness, safety, and freedom from suffering to all those who need it in the world, most importantly, ourselves.  The mindful awareness of loving-kindness not only allows us to feel more connected to others and reduces stress, it also works to cultivate self-compassion, appreciation, and an inner peace and love for who we really are.  Loving-kindness is the most important simple of gifts that requires no money at all, but whose value is priceless.   

Check back for future themes happening in MM&Y workshops every second Saturday of the month!