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Visiting or Contacting the NICU

You are encouraged to visit your baby almost any time of the day or night. However, only two visitors are allowed to visit the baby’s bedside at any time. If you have special requests about visitors, please discuss them with the nurse in charge. We realize what an important event this is for your entire family, and we will do everything possible to accommodate all the family members. Please understand that our primary concern is the care of your baby, so we may find it necessary to restrict or limit visits by other family members.

It is essential to do everything to protect your baby’s health while in the hospital. Please help your family and friends understand how important it is to protect the health of all the infants.

  • Note: Because of the current flu season, the following changes to our visiting policy are in effect beginning Jan. 12, 2015. They will be re-evaluated in the spring.
    • Children under age 12 cannot visit family or friends, even if accompanied by an adult.
    • Only two adult visitors at a time.
    • Visitors will be screened for influenza symptoms at the front desk.

Phone calls

Our NICU nurses and physicians welcome telephone calls from parents. We are always happy to provide information about the care and condition of your baby. Please feel free to call us at the following numbers:

  • From most areas of San Diego: 619-543-6560
  • From Oceanside and inland areas including Escondido: 855-827-3633