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How We Feed Your Baby

Preemies are fed slowly at first

  • Feeding PreemiesYour baby has been swallowing amniotic fluid while inside you to help the intestines develop
  • Once born, if the baby is not fed, the intestines quickly get weak
  • We will start with small feedings and then slowly increase the quantity of the milk for each feeding
  • These small feedings keep the intestines moving and developing, and help prevent intestinal complications common in premature infants

What is a Gavage Feeding?

  • Babies do not know how to coordinate sucking or swallowing until about 32-34 weeks
  • Until they learn, we must feed them through a tube
  • Gavage (tube) feedings help your baby get nutrition without having to work and use up energy
  • A tube will go through your baby’s mouth or nose and down into the stomach
  • We’ll use a syringe to squeeze the milk through this tube


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