Milk Recipes

Morning Milk Order

At UC San Diego Medical Center, the infant's nurse orders the 24-hour milk feedings by filling out this form. Specially trained milk technicians then prepare the 24-hour feedings as ordered by using either the written recipes (below) or the milk calculator. Feedings are prepared in syringes or larger bottles for orally feeding infants.

Milk Calculator and Milk Recipes

The following calculator and recipes are based on UC San Diego Medical Center's practices and may or may not be applicable to other units. Our neonatal dietitian has adapted the basic milk fortification recipes to improve nutrient delivery for a variety of conditions/requirements. Using powdered non-sterile additives is controversial and may increase the risk of infection. The infant's nutritional needs must be balanced against the risk of such fortification.

Milk Recipes for RN NICU Staff

Below are modifications of our normal milk recipes to fortify mother's milk for premature infants. They are simple versions of our more exact recipes that could be used for a day or so if the milk technician is not available. In order to utilize the pre-packaged NeoSure Powder (1.0 gm/pkt) and BeneProtein (0.5 gm/pkt) blister packs, we have estimated the quantities the best we could. Therefore, these recipes may be slightly over or under on exact content. These should be fine for one day, but we do not recommend you use these recipes for longer than 1-2 days. If you have any questions about these recipes, please contact us.