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Improving premature infant nutrition is one of the main goals of the SPIN Program. Helping mothers to start pumping and make enough milk for their infants is a great start, but we also aim to help mothers learn to breastfeed their babies.

We believe that the benefits of mom's milk continue after the baby leaves the NICU. However, few of the smallest premature infants are successful at breastfeeding. Long hospital stays, chronic lung disease, sensitivity to oral feeding, and low milk supply make breastfeeding a challenge for these infants. We hope that by encouraging families to start skin-to-skin holding early on, allowing the baby to practice breastfeeding before bottles are introduced, and teaching mother how to independently breastfeed may help more preemies to be successful with breastfeeding.

This series of videos follows one family with 24-week twins in their journey from skin-to-skin care through learning how to breastfeed as they get ready to go home.

Step 5: Getting Ready to Go Home

  • Jack and Riley are 45 weeks gestational age and ready for a discharge feeding plan
  • Keep hospital routine for first week at home; keep pumping at home
  • Continue to use nipple shield until baby grows stronger
  • As baby matures, allow more time on breast
  • Allow baby to drink from bottle after breastfeeding (unless fluid restricted)
  • Learn more tips for breastfeeding at home
  • Learn signs baby is ready for more breastfeeding

Mira este video en español.

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