Patient Guide to Fetal Surgery: Referral and Consultation

If you are interested in a referral for laser photocoagulation, please contact Corey Anaka, RN, toll-free at 866-246-2356. Referral information will be discussed to determine if laser surgery is a good option for you. Your provider can also choose to contact us directly to discuss your particular case.

If you are an appropriate candidate, you will come to UC San Diego Health System for ultrasound testing and a consultation with Dr. David Schrimmer. We will also schedule a surgery time prior to your arrival. All prenatal records (including ultrasound reports) will be requested. Providing your insurance information prior to any appointments will help identify if this procedure/testing will be covered by your insurance. Many national insurance companies, and nearly all insurance companies in the San Diego area, cover this procedure.

About the Initial Consultation

Upon your arrival, you will be met by Corey Anaka, RN, the fetal surgery program coordinator. Corey will escort you throughout the process and will act as your liaison while at UC San Diego. After a preliminary meeting with Corey, you will be taken to the fetal assessment unit for a detailed ultrasound examination of your twins. The ultrasound will look at the size of the twins, the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding each twin, the placenta and the internal organs. The blood flow in the umbilical cords will also be evaluated, and we will make an overall assessment about the health of each twin. This ultrasound will take about an hour.

During and after the ultrasound, you will meet with Dr. Schrimmer to discuss the ultrasound exam along with the options for treatment, including general prognosis and recommended follow-up care.

If laser photocoagulation is the treatment choice selected, Corey will discuss how to prepare for the surgery. Corey will also assist you with lodging, transportation or any other special needs, and arrange admission papers and pre-operative laboratory tests.

If needed, you may have a consultation with the anesthetist before the procedure to determine your physical condition, review your medical records, and address any needs surrounding pain control.

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