Executive Mental Health Program

There are professionals in every enterprise who are pivotal to the fortunes of the business. Their contributions have a huge impact on company standards and performance. When these leaders are reaching their personal and professional potential, they can take any venture to new pinnacles of success. When they are struggling with the stress of difficult personal, family or psychological challenges, their private distress can drastically impair their ability to be the leaders they need to be.

Program Overview

UC San Diego Health System has developed a unique, confidential and multi-dimensional program to address the needs of corporations and their key personnel. Drawing upon the skills, experience and research of accomplished and respected mental health professionals within UC San Diego Health System, the Department of Psychiatry has created the Executive Mental Health (EMH) program.

Understanding that every individual and situation is different, the EMH assessment program incorporates everything from clinical interviews by seasoned professionals in psychiatry and psychology, to cognitive and personality testing, yielding a comprehensive understanding of each person and very specific, focused recommendations, action plans and professional follow-up as needed. These assessments will address problem areas (such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse or other disorders) as well as areas of potential growth and personal improvement.

Maximizing Potential

The EMH program also recognizes that there are professionals in key corporate roles who do not suffer from psychological or psychiatric disorders but are interested in maximizing their potential, enhancing their strengths and finding ways to achieve greater balance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. For these situations, the EMH has the expertise to devise an array of programs for mental health enhancement, including:

  • stress reduction
  • corporate retreats
  • personal and professional coaching
  • team-building
  • organizational development

These custom interventions and programs are developed for each unique situation and are not “pre-packaged.” All are led by experienced, respected mental health professionals associated with UC San Diego Health System.

Professional Assessment Program

Professionals who develop mental health and substance abuse problems often experience difficulty obtaining appropriate and confidential treatment. This is unfortunate because these problems, including depression, anxiety, stress disorders and substance abuse, are highly treatable; and the outcome of treatment usually results in the individual's return to a productive career. UC San Diego Health System has developed a special track within its Executive Mental Health Program (EMH) that provides individual professionals with state of the art evaluation and treatment in a highly confidential setting.

Program Components:

For each client, the program begins with a comprehensive mental health examination. Then, as needed, the program may include specialized evaluations in:

  • Chemical dependency - a highly confidential and comprehensive evaluation by an addiction psychiatrist, which can include detoxification, abstinence-based psychotherapy, and medication management.
  • Pain management - a comprehensive evaluation by a pain specialist to address medical issues, medication management and non-pharmacological interventions for the treatment and management of pain.
  • Neuropsychiatric evaluation - extensive and focused psychological assessment by experts in neuropsychiatry, to include evaluation of memory, other cognitive functions, and personality factors, yielding specific recommendations for treatment.
  • Short term intensive outpatient treatment including medication management and psychotherapy - a confidential and caring environment to explore issues of mental and emotional health, family problems, and recovery from addiction in a timely and relevant manner, to minimize loss of work and productivity.

The Executive Mental Health Program is directed by Dr. Mounir Soliman. To schedule a confidential consultation, call 858-534-6200.

Executive Mental Health Program
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