Research and Clinical Trials

Surgeons at UC San Diego Health System are nationally recognized researchers in the field of minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery. Our distinguished faculty has been instrumental in making extensive breakthroughs that revolutionize how surgeries are performed. Read more about advances in surgery at the Center for the Future of Surgery.

Our physician-scientists are active in numerous research projects and clinical studies. For example, our minimally invasive surgeons are examining:

  • Robotic surgery for inflammatory bowel disease
  • Natural orifice surgery (NOTES) for removing diseased organs
  • NOTES procedures for bariatric/weight-loss surgery
  • Advanced minimally invasive and robotic techniques for prostate, kidney, bladder and testes cancer, gynecologic conditions and pelvic floor disorders
  • Newly designed operating room tool prototypes
  • Transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) for colorectal conditions


bullet Scientific Articles in Minimally Invasive Surgery

View titles and abstracts of scientific articles at PubMed written by UC San Diego Health System minimally invasive surgeons.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are highly regulated health-related research studies that move advances in the treatment of injuries and conditions forward into clinical practice. They offer people the chance to receive newly developed therapies and provide crucial information to medical scientists. UC San Diego Health System currently conducting clinical trials in a broad spectrum of diseases and conditions treated through minimally invasive surgical techniques. Find clinical trials at UC San Diego Health System currently seeking participants.

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