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Hamstring Tendonitis or Strain

What is hamstring tendonitis or strain?

The hamstring muscles are the muscles in the back of the thigh that allow the knee to bend (knee flexion). The hamstring muscles turn into tendons as they come down and attach at the back of the knee. They can get tight and inflamed, resulting in a hamstring muscle strain (pain at the back of the thigh) or tendonitis (pain behind the knee). This can result from excessive recent activity or it may occur without predisposing trauma. Some people have tight hamstrings for a long time without knowing it.

What are the symptoms of hamstring tendonitis?

Hamstring tightness can lead to pain in the knees, hips, thighs and even the back.

How is hamstring tendonitis or strain diagnosed?

Hamstring tendonitis and strain are diagnosed by a doctor’s evaluation and thorough examination.

How is hamstring tendonitis or strain treated?

A progressive and targeted stretching program should be initiated when this occurs and can be done to prevent recurrent problems. Physical therapy may be necessary in severe cases.

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