Surgical Services

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Awake brain surgery. Heart-lung transplants. Scarless appendectomies. Incisionless weight-loss surgery. UC San Diego Health System performs some of the most advanced surgical procedures in the world.

We have grown a team of internationally recognized surgeons and equipped our operating rooms with never-before imagined technology. We’re proud of the research breakthroughs we make in surgical medicine and the rankings we achieve year after year. But that’s not what drives the Department of Surgery at UC San Diego Health System.

As you click through these pages you will come across the expression “comprehensive care.” Surgery does not happen in isolation. Here, surgery happens with a multidisciplinary team of experts that includes primary care physicians, specialists from numerous medical and surgical fields, and – crucially – you, working together to achieve wellness. This is comprehensive surgical care.

Learn more about our surgical specialties and the surgeons dedicated to this work.

UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center Hospital for Advanced Surgery

Opening 2016, the Hospital for Advanced Surgery in the Jacobs Medical Center will offer the most advanced diagnostics, imaging and surgical technologies to personalize treatment and speed recovery.