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Liver Transplant Program

Liver Appointments & Referrals: 619-543-2451

The Liver Transplant Program at UC San Diego Health System provides comprehensive and innovative treatment for people with end-stage liver disease, liver cancer and acute liver failure.

Led by Alexander Kuo, MD, and Alan Hemming, MD, our program features an expert multidisciplinary liver transplant team known for its ability to handle the most complicated, high-risk cases.

Learn more about the Liver Transplant Program through the links below or call 888-827-3587.

Why Choose UC San Diego?

  • Personalized Care
    We care for you as a person; not a medical record.
  • Expert Team
    Meet our experienced, dedicated team.
  • Excellent Outcomes
    Our graft liver survival rate at one year after transplant is 95 percent (2012-2013).
  • Comprehensive Treatment
    We are changing the course of hepatocellular cancer, cirrhosis and other advanced liver diseases.

Multidisciplinary Team

Liver Transplant Team

Our transplant coordinators, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, hepatologists, radiologists and oncologists are dedicated to your health before, during and after transplantation. Meet the team.

Appointments & Patient Transfers

888-827-3587 (toll-free)

Liver Transplantation Research

Learn about the progress we're making in immune regulation, bioartificial liver devices and more through transplantation research and clinical trials.

Did You Know?

The Liver Transplant Program at UC San Diego operates an OPTN/UNOS-approved living donor transplant program. Learn more.