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Feeling Like Yourself Again is POWER

David Nassi

So is knowing that doctors at UC San Diego Medical Center were among the first in the nation to offer hip resurfacing.

Sooner or later, running up to 70 miles a week will take its toll on a person’s body. In the case of David Nassi, the wear and tear showed up in his hip–with a vengeance.

“It came on quickly”, said David, “sharp, shooting pains through my whole body.” He made an appointment with Dr. Ball at UC San Diego Medical Center, who said David had bone-on-bone arthritis of the hip. He had two options: a full hip replacement, or a hip resurfacing. Being only 55, having good bone density, and trusting in Dr. Ball’s expertise, David opted for the resurfacing. Six weeks later, he was walking his real estate sales route again–and telling his friends about the power of academic medicine.