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Overcoming Your Fear is Power

So is knowing UC San Diego Health System offers the most laparoscopic and computer-assisted surgery options in San Diego.

Gordy's Story Of Power at UC San Diego Health System

For 30 years, Gordy McGuire walked around with a very visible, and often painful, abdominal hernia. Why? Because back then he was told that repairing it would require “quite a nasty surgery.” But in 2006, Gordy heard about a surgeon at UC San Diego Health System who was treating hernias laparoscopically. The minimally-invasive procedure, with its smaller incisions and shorter recovery time, appealed to Gordy. So did his surgeon’s track record as a leading researcher in laparoscopy. To make a long story short, after waiting 30 years, Gordy went back to work three days after surgery. That’s the power of academic medicine.