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UC San Diego Health
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Clinic Location: Medical Offices North

Contact Information

Medical Offices North
Inside UC San Diego Medical Center (East Entrance)
200 West Arbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92103

bullet Physicians practicing at Medical Offices - North

Getting Here

Hillcrest Medical Offices North Map 

UC San Diego Health - Hillcrest: Medical Offices North

Hillcrest Medical Offices North


Clinic Name Phone #
Audiology 619-543-5683
Blood Draw Lab 619-543-6665
ENT & Head & Neck 619-543-6631
Gastroenterology 619-543-2347
General Surgery 619-543-6886
Heart Station / EKG / Hillcrest 619-543-6399
Neurology 619-543-3500
Ophthalmology 619-543-6244
Orthopedics 619-543-6312
Pharmacy 619-543-3279
Plastic Surgery 619-294-3746
Radiology 619-543-6854
Radiology (Scheduling) 619-543-3405
Surgery Clinic 619-543-6886
Trauma Clinic 619-543-6886
Urology 619-543-3572
Wound Clinic 619-543-7276


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