Bannister Family House: FAQ

  • Do I have to leave if the patient I'm visiting is transferred to a facility in another health system?
    Yes, Bannister Family House is only intended for families visiting patients at UC San Diego Health hospitals. A family can stay for 24 hours after a patient is transferred, unless other arrangements have been made with the director. View Eligibility & Room Fees
  • When the patient is discharged, can he or she stay at Bannister Family House for a few days before we return home?
    It depends. A physician must deem it medically necessary for the patient to stay and have daily appointments (i.e., final tests, biopsies, etc.) A physician must also approve the patient's stay at Bannister Family House and a family member must accompany the patient at all times in the House. If you are intending to have the patient stay at the Bannister Family House, please see a manager. View Eligibility & Room Fees
  • When do I pay for my room?
    You may arrange a payment schedule that is most convenient for you with a manager. However, you must pay a minimum of three nights at the time of check-in. View Eligibility & Room Fees
  • Are there other houses like BFH?
    Yes, the Bannister Family House is a member of the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses (NAHHH). For more information, call 800-542-9730 or visit

For referral information, contact the Social Services Department at 619-543-5740 or call the Bannister Family House at 619-543-7977.