If The Walls Could Talk...

Happy Family"We'll be ever grateful for the many kindnesses showed to us by you all when we were at UC San Diego."

-- Bill and Jo, Richmond, Texas

"Thank you very much for everything! My family and I appreciate the kindness and warmth from the staff and from other families at the Bannister Family House."

-- Kim, John and Alexa Rivera (pictured, right)

"Thank you for being there to help us when we needed you. I will never forget you, you are in our prayers every day. Thank God for you. Yyou were all so wonderful when we were going through the trials of life."

-- Arthur and Debbie C., Chicago, Illinois

"I want to thank you on behalf of my family for your kind hospitality during our stay there. We really felt as though we were in our own home, surrounded by a warm and comfortable atmosphere."

-- Teresa G., Onati, Spain

"Nosotros, siempre nantenemos en nuestro corazón y recordamos con mucho cariño Bannister House. Especialmente en estos fechas muy bonitas que nos tocó compartir, con felicidad. Pedimos a Dios derrame esta 'noche buena' su bendición de fé y esperanza en todos los residentes de Bannister Family House."

-- Familia C., Lake Forest, California

"I'm not sure you will ever know just how much comfort you have brought. A safe place to recharge the body, de-stress and freshen up helps heal the patient and the family. I will be able to help him recover now that I have a 'harbor refuge.' You are my lighthouse during my family's storm."

-- Victoria B., Kalamazoo, Michigan