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Comprehensive Wellness Exam: Gold Package

The Gold Package Includes:

  • Personal consultation with your Executive Health Program physician. Your Executive Health physician will review your health history with you, answer your questions and address any concerns.
  • A comprehensive family history, medical history and physical examination performed by your Executive Health physician.
  • Audiometry hearing screening to check for hearing loss
  • A basic vision and glaucoma test to screen vision and eye pressure
  • A urinalysis, a test used to detect infection, metabolic disorders or kidney disease
  • A thyroid-stimulating hormone blood test that helps detect abnormalities with thyroid gland function
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA), a blood test used to screen for prostate cancer in men 
  • Pap smear testing, a clinical examination of the female reproductive organs and ThinPrep® Pap Test, which screens for cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV) in women
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG), a test that records the electrical activity of your heart to screen for any heart related issues
  • A 90-minute stress management consultation to help you recognize and understand stressors in your life that may impact your physical health and emotional well-being. 
  • A complete blood count to determine the amount of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets in your bloodstream
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • A complete blood lipid panel which includes total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides (used to determine a person’s risk for coronary artery disease)
  • Fitness assessment designed to meet your personal needs and goals with an emphasis on strength training, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility. We use the latest techniques in sports training and rehabilitation to promote maximum health and physical performance.
  • Nutritional consultation with a dietary specialist focused on reducing health risks and controlling weight
  • A comprehensive full body skin exam done by a dermatologist to detect early signs of different types of skin cancer
  • Post-visit written with evaluation findings and recommendations which includes a comprehensive report of results and recommendations as well as a discussion between you and your Executive Health Program physician to review your test results and develop a wellness plan. You will also receive recommendations for any further testing or follow-up.
  • Complimentary use of in-office fax, computer, copier, Internet and e-mail access
  • One-time telephone follow-up to review results and recommendations

bulletPackage price: $2,500

For tips on preparing for your visit, see our Program Guide.

Additional Services

  • Bone densitometry (DEXA): $203
    A radiographic study used to screen individuals for osteoporosis
  • Colonoscopy: $2,043
    A procedure using a flexible tube equipped with a fiber-optic lens to identify abnormalities in the colon and rectum (screening only)
  • Digital mammogram: $290
    A sophisticated radiographic examination of the breast used to detect breast cancer
  • Ophthalmological examination: $230
    A comprehensive clinical eye examination performed at UC San Diego Health's Shiley Eye Institute
  • Exercise cardiac stress test: $525
    The use of a cardiac monitor and treadmill exercise to evaluate how your heart responds to physical activity
  • Immunizations:
    Your EHW physician will discuss with you the latest recommendations in the adult immunization schedule. Vaccinations against various preventable illnesses are administered according to age requirements, and considers risk factors and existing medical conditions. (cost varies by type of vaccine administered)
  • Chest X-ray: $125
    A radiographic study used to determine heart or lung abnormalities
  • Pulmonary function test (spirometry): $125
    A measure of respiratory function, lung capacity, and lung and chest wall mechanics, which is helpful in assessing conditions such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD
  • Specialty consultation with UC San Diego Health (hourly): $500
    Patients with specific concerns can come to UC San Diego Health and receive cutting-edge specialty evaluations and treatments based on the latest research. Our patients take advantage of UC San Diego Health’s pioneering surgical techniques and medical specialty advancements
  • Travel medicine consultation: $150
    A detailed pre-travel assessment to discuss risks and preventive measures, and update any necessary immunizations, based on trip destination and health conditions. International travelers will be provided with health information to ensure travel safety and reduce the risk of illness while abroad

Elective Services Coming Soon

  • Gene mapping
    Genetic testing for predisposition, diagnosis, treatment plan development for a variety of medical conditions, is developing at a rapid pace. Your Executive Health and Wellness team can provide the most advanced genetic counseling available to keep pace with genetic testing information as it becomes available.
  • Cosmetic dermatology or surgery consultation
    A consultation with a physician specialized in cosmetic procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, chin augmentation, eye-lift, collagen injection, glycolic peels, cosmetic laser surgery and many other services that can enhance your features
  • Sports assessment and recommendations for maximum performance
    For the truly competitive athlete who is interested in a once in a lifetime experience, a special sport specific athletic assessment with training recommendations made by a world class organization is being developed with UC Health System’s Executive Health and Wellness. Corporate clients interested in developing executive team skills might be attracted to group physical activities for their employees at this same world class facility.
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