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Concierge Medicine Patient Stories


When I signed up with the UC San Diego Concierge Medicine program, I was seriously overweight and dealing with multiple health issues and multiple doctors. In short order, Dr. Alma Harb coordinated all my medical needs, adjusted my drug prescriptions, and helped me start on a weight-reduction program. In five short months, without any special pre-packaged diet, I lost 65 pounds, regained my health, and no longer need to take medicine for cholesterol and high blood pressure. I call Dr. Harb my "missing ingredient"— she has restored my health and my life. I cannot think of a better expenditure of money. The program is a fantastic bargain and I am so grateful to Dr. Harb.

Theodore G.
Patient, Concierge Medicine La Jolla

The Concierge Medicine program offers the best medical attention that I have ever had. My physician, Dr. Alma Harb, is spectacular in her knowledge, attention, concern, availability, and helpfulness. I would lay my life in her hands.

When I need to be seen, Dr. Harb will see me the same day or the next. When I need to talk to her, she instantly responds. When I need an appointment with a specialist, the office helps me make it. If I need a referral, Dr. Harb will research and help find just the right physician. This is exactly how a personal physician would be!

The price of this program will amaze anyone because it is so moderate. It is the best medical care I have ever purchased.

Katja L.
Patient, Concierge Medicine La Jolla

I have been a member for a little over a year and I must say what an incredible facility this center is. Without a doubt Dr. Harb and the rest of the staff always go above the call of duty to make sure you are treated first class at all times. In this day and age, where many other medical offices focus on cutting appointments short and lowering their services in order to keep costs low, this center continues to excel where all other offices fail.

Since health is the absolute most important priority in life, why would anyone ever settle for anything less than the best? Believe me, I definitely did the research in finding the best private healthcare in San Diego and this office stood well above the rest. You'll fall in love with the staff and office on your very first visit. If I had to pinpoint one downfall, it is the fact they only have one location, and one Dr. Harb.

Patient, Concierge Medicine La Jolla

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