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Memory, Aging and Resilience: Assessment and Evaluation

DTI Tractography

Diffusion tensor imaging tractography is a neuroimaging capability used to visualize brain white matter. This is one of several cutting-edge clinical tools that UC San Diego clinicians utilize when indicated.

Each memory and aging assessment is tailored to the individual. To ensure the accuracy of the assessment, it is helpful if the patient’s family participates in the process, providing background information as needed.

Assessments involve two to three visits with a team that specializes in evaluating and caring for seniors. The team may include a geriatric psychiatrist, senior medicine specialist, neuropsychologist, neurologist and social worker.

Assessment Visits

Our evaluation typically includes:

  • Extensive cognitive, psychiatric and medical history and assessment, including review of previous records and medications.
  • Comprehensive medical, neurological and behavioral examination.
  • Assessment of social needs.
  • Referral for comprehensive neurocognitive testing.
  • Comprehensive laboratory workup for medical and cognitive profile, if indicated.
  • Referral to specialist assessment by geriatrician or neurologist, if indicated.
  • Referral for advanced neuroimaging, if indicated.

At the end of your initial appointment, we will assist you with scheduling any other necessary assessment appointments, which may include a visit to a neurologist or psychiatrist, detailed psychometric testing, or additional labwork or imaging.

Treatment Plan and Follow-Up Care

The last appointment with the memory and aging team is the "family conference." At this visit, we may suggest follow-up care with a senior medicine doctor (geriatrician), geriatric psychiatrist, neurologist, neuropsychologist, or any other medical specialist you may need. We can help arrange your follow-up care if you choose to see UC San Diego doctors. Regardless of where you live or where you normally receive your medical care, we will equip you with a thorough and detailed treatment plan to ensure you are on the path toward optimal health.

Learn more about Treatment Recommendations.

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