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Memory, Aging and Resilence: Personalized Treatment Plans

After all evaluations and diagnostic procedures, the specialists meet with the patient and family members or caregivers to discuss findings and develop a personalized plan of treatment, which may include:

  • Suggestions for prescribing new or different medication or discontinuing current medication
  • Counseling sessions for the patient and/or family members
  • Health education and advice
  • Information about appropriate community resources
  • Safety suggestions
  • Medical recommendations
  • Access to participate in research and clinical trials  

If you authorize it, the primary care physician will receive a detailed written summary of the evaluation, findings and recommendations. Patients without a personal physician may wish to have their post-evaluation care continue with UC San Diego Health physicians. We can coordinate your appointments with UC San Diego Health primary and specialty care services.

"To support a lifestyle where seniors have the opportunity to age in place in their current homes and communities, we must provide access to high quality health care - to improve mental, cognitive and physical health outcomes for seniors."
- Daniel Sewell, MD


With a goal of enabling seniors to live independently and stay active, the treatment plan may include referral to:

Research and Clinical Trials

Memory, aging and Alzheimer's disease are high priorities for research at UC San Diego Health. You may be eligible to participate in research studies related to aging. Talk to the doctors at the Memory, Aging and Resilience clinic for more information.

You can also find out more about research and clinical trials related to memory at UC San Diego Health's Memory Disorders Clinic.

Learn more about ongoing research on successful cognitive and emotional aging, community events, and lectures on aging at UC San Diego through the Stein Institute for Research on Aging.

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