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After a high school cheerleader injured her knee during a Friday night game, UC San Diego Health's free sports injury screening program for high school athletes helped get her back to her active lifes ...
UC San Diego Health and its medical and surgical specialties have been recognized as among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for 2017-18. The annual “Best Hospitals” rankings distingu ...
NASA has selected Alan Hargens, PhD, professor of orthopedic surgery at UC San Diego School of Medicine, to receive a 2017 Distinguished Public Service Medal.
Men's Journal

​Features Catherine Robertson, MD

San Diego Union Tribune

​Features Patty Maysent, CEO, and Catherine Robertson, MD

Becker's Spine Review

​Features Suraj Achar, MD, Matthew Meunier, MD, Catherine Robertson, MD, Daniel Slater, MD, and Kenneth Taylor, MD

Friday Night Coaches Magazine

​Features Douglas Chang, MD, PhD 

FOX Sports San Diego

​Features UC San Diego Health

FOX Sports

​Features Patty Maysent, CEO, and Catherine M. Robertson, MD

UC San Diego Health and the San Diego Padres reached an agreement on a multi-year partnership to become the Major League Baseball team’s Official Health Care Provider.
Meet Drew Renick, a triathlete who went home the same day he had his hip replaced. His surgeon, Scott Ball, MD, explains how joint replacements can now often be performed as outpatient procedures.

​Features Douglas Chang, MD, PhD

Del Mar Times

Features Douglas Chang, MD, PhD

Modern hospitals are designed to aid healing in every possible space, from operating rooms and recovery areas to cafeterias and lobbies. One way is through art, and the new Jacobs Medical Center at UC ...
UC San Diego Health will open Jacobs Medical Center, a 245-bed medical and surgical specialty hospital, on November 20, 2016. Named in recognition of $100 million in gifts from Joan and Irwin Jacobs, ...
San Diego Union Tribune

​Features David Bazzo, MD

While astronauts on long space missions do not experience a change in spinal disc height, the muscles supporting the spine weaken, find researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medi ...

​Features Catherine Robertson, MD

San Diego Magazine

​Features Michael Kurisu, DO


​Features Alan Shahtaji, DO


​Features Catherine Robertson, MD

Learn from a sports medicine dietician which nutritional supplements can be safely used to enhance athletic performance.
In this month’s Corner Clinic, our experts tackle adult ADHD, if and when to take the car keys away from elderly drivers and which post-workout recovery drinks work best.
The votes are in and more than 100 physicians from UC San Diego Health were named “Top Docs” in the annual San Diego Magazine “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” annual survey. These physicians rep ...
Should I worry about soccer-related head injuries? What does having dense breasts mean for my health? How can I avoid eye damage during the summer? Our experts answer your health questions in this mon ...
I sit a lot at work – should I get a standing desk? I get leg cramps -- should I worry about pulmonary embolism? What can I do about dry eyes? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s ...
Fourteen reasons why walking is good for you and why you should walk more.
I’ve got benign prostatic hyperplasia. Should I be worried? Is there any such thing as a superfood? Is bed rest good for back pain? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s Corner Clin ...
Should I take a daily aspirin to reduce my risk of heart attack? How do I help my elderly parents avoid falling? What is emotional eating? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s Corn ...
UC San Diego Health System has been designated an Official U.S. Olympic Regional Medical Center, joining a national network of leading medical providers selected by the United States Olympic Committee ...
Mesa High School team physician, David Bazzo, MD, with the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, has implemented an educational program to teach young athletes and their families about concuss ...
Nationally recognized orthopedic surgeon Christopher Wahl, MD, has joined the University of California, San Diego Health System as the new chief of Sports Medicine. Recognized for his specialty in tr ...
University of California, San Diego Health System is one of only a few hospitals in the nation to offer computer-assisted navigation technology with the direct anterior hip replacement technique, pote ...

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