UC San Diego Health's Strategic Plan


To deliver outstanding patient care through commitment to the community, groundbreaking research and inspired teaching.


To create a healthier world — one life at a time — through new science, new medicine and new cures.


Quality: Excellence in patient care and other work performed

Caring: Commitment to valuing differences and respecting the well-being and dignity of each person

Integrity: Honesty and trustworthiness

Creativity: Enhancing knowledge, and discovering and sharing new ways to do things

Teamwork: Commitment to working together to achieve our goals.

​To adapt to and thrive in a rapidly changing health care environment, UC San Diego Health developed a five-year strategic plan in 2013. This plan was accomplished by evaluating previous goals and results, analyzing market data, interviewing key internal and external stakeholders such as competitors, payers and affiliates, and surveying staff and physicians.

Hundreds of physicians, administrators and staff have collaborated to prepare a unified roadmap to help the organization offer the best possible patient care, while also operating as an efficient organization that can succeed in an environment of health care reform.

The plan clarifies the future direction of UC San Diego Health and establishes clear priorities to guide decision-making and resource allocation. The four areas of focus include: Experience, Clinical Excellence, Performance Management and Growth. These themes, especially Experience, will guide UC San Diego Health's clinical expansion plans and activities in the years to come.

Strategic Plan Graphic 

Areas of Focus

bullet Experience

Goal: Give each person who comes through our doors a positive and memorable experience.

bullet Clinical Excellence

Goal: Provide high-quality and safe care for every patient, every time.

bullet Performance Management

Goal: Be accountable to each other and to those who depend on us.

bullet Growth

Goal: Provide and coordinate more care for more people both locally and regionally.