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UC San Diego Health
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Why Choose Us?

At UC San Diego Health, we are driven by the idea that strong synergies among our core mission activities – teaching, research and clinical excellence – offer the best model for advancing patient care and public health.

UC San Diego Health by the Numbers

  • No. 1 health care system in San Diego in 2016-17; 6th in California
  • Ranked nationally in eight adult and surgical specialties by U.S. News & World Report. Only 3 percent of hospitals rank in even one specialty.
  • 1,400+ faculty physicians and scientists
  • 50 current and emeriti UC San Diego faculty members elected to the National Academy of Medicine
  • 2 professional schools, in medicine and pharmacy
  • 2,300+ students, postdocs, residents and fellows
  • 65 accredited medical education training programs
  • $577 million in faculty research awards
  • 6th in nation for total National Institutes of Health funding
  • 808 licensed beds with hospitals in La Jolla and Hillcrest, and a network of care clinics throughout the region
  • $182.5 million in benefits to the community, includes uncompensated care and programs for the underserved

Innovation Is In Our DNA

UC San Diego is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s top public research universities, ranked No. 1 in 2015 for its positive impact on the country for the sixth consecutive year by Washington Monthly’s College Guide. Our more than 1,000 faculty physicians and scientists are an integral part of this entrepreneurial culture, having made renowned contributions in scarless surgeries, gene therapy, chemotherapy and the early detection of autism. Our pioneering firsts include the discovery that insulin-resistance causes Type II diabetes and that Vitamin D is associated with breast cancer. We were part of a Nobel Prize-winning team for our contributions to illuminating the inner workings of cells, and we pioneered the lifesaving pulmonary thromboendarterectomy (PTE) procedure for chronic pulmonary hypertension. Our surgeons continue to expand treatment options for those in need with pulmonary balloon angioplasty.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is predicated on the idea that information on a person’s genome, proteome or microbiome make it possible to tailor treatments to a person’s unique disease state. The best example to date is the ability to sequence a person’s cancer tumor and modify treatments accordingly. The datasets that inform personal medicine strategies are huge and complex, and require physicians to interact with diverse fields of expertise as well as a wide variety of research techniques. No other health care center in San Diego has the scientific, engineering and IT expertise to develop, analyze and curate the complex multi-disciplinary datasets that make personalized medicine a possibility.

Location that Stimulates Discovery

UC San Diego Health is strategically located within one of the country’s most vibrant, collaborative and congenial life sciences clusters. Our unique role – and how we interact with our colleagues on the Torrey Pine Mesa – is to facilitate “bench to bedside” translational medicine. We both bring research discoveries to patients through clinical trials and clinical care and partner with community physicians to identify those tough clinical challenges that need to be brought back to the laboratory for further thought. For an individual whose condition is not responding to standard treatment options, our emphasis on translational medicine means that we often have hundreds of ongoing clinical trials that may offer an individual early access to a potentially life-saving medical advance. UC San Diego Health is the only health care system in San Diego with a dedicated focus on the development of new medicines and cures – for common and rare conditions.

Serving the Underserved

Service to society - particularly to those who are a member of a health disparity group - is a driving force of our mission activities. Approximately 60 percent of the patients at the University of California's five academic medical centers are either under- or un-insured. At UC San Diego Health, our service to the community last year (FY 2014) was valued at $182.5 million -- in care for those in need and for health education and outreach programs to the underserved and at-risk. Among the programs that we are most proud is the UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic, which treats about 2,000 individuals annually at four clinics in the county. About 95 percent of our first year medical school students become actively involved in the free-clinic, and our graduates commonly cite their service to the underserved as their single-most inspirational and life-changing experience in school. We are immensely dedicated and proud of training the next generation of physicians and pharmacists to be both highly competent and compassionate.

Vision for the Future

Our vision is to create an environment where all three core missions of academic medicine  teaching, research and clinical excellence  interact to deliver the highest level of care and medical innovation in a nurturing and supportive environment, with a five-star patient experience. We are also dedicated to expanding access to health care and health education to further fulfill our mission of creating a healthier world one life at a time.

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