About the HERE Initiative


Video: The HERE Initiative is helping this high school student achieve her dream career in health care.

The HERE Initiative is UC San Diego Health’s far-reaching and ambitious outreach program to improve the health of historically underserved communities in the southern and southeastern regions of San Diego County by facilitating access to:

  • Essential health care services
  • Education and workforce development
  • Community outreach, research and partnerships
Other major goals of the HERE initiative include increasing public awareness of health issues, promoting diversity in the health care workforce and advancing higher education through student and family involvement.

The initiative consists of nine projects that are enabling us to meet the HERE mission of:

HERE Initiative Wins Major Award

The HERE Initiative received a top national award from the Association of American Medical Colleges' Group on Institutional Advancement in 2013 in recognition of the program's exemplary contributions.

  • (H) delivering health care excellence
  • (E) providing education for future health care practitioners and
  • (R) advancing research
  • (E) thus empowering local communities.

Let's Work Together

The HERE Initiative cannot succeed without the participation of the community. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with community members and organizations on HERE's goals and appreciate your cooperation as the initiative is developed further.

If you are interested in partnering on a HERE project or would like to make use of any of its services, please contact David Mier, coordinator of Government and Community Affairs for UC San Diego Health at dmier@ucsd.edu or 619-543-5513.