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As UC San Diego Health's primary point of contact with local, state and federal branches of government, our Government and Community Affairs team maintains consistent relationships with elected officials and their staff and is responsible for all legislative and community relations activities in the private, public and government sectors. These activities are conducted on behalf of UC San Diego Health, including UC San Diego School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

To achieve our goals, our Government and Community Affairs team meets with elected officials and their staff and serves as a community sounding board and liaison with UC San Diego Health. More broadly, we engage with the community to identify opportunities to promote health, health education and work-force development in the health care sector. Much of our work focuses on outreach to under-represented groups, including the LGBT community, the senior community and communities in southeastern San Diego and the South Bay.

To leverage our ability to serve, we emphasize nurturing and growing a wide variety of partnerships and collaborations with community groups, health care professionals and government sectors. When possible, we work to secure private and public grants to further support these efforts.

Other activities and services include:

  • Promoting and supporting a variety of health education programs throughout San Diego County
  • Increasing public access to health care by providing care to those who lack insurance or who are under-insured
  • Referring UC San Diego Health faculty experts to government committees and inviting our faculty to engage with community groups and attend community events to provide the community with accurate health information
  • Enlisting the community in community-based research projects that can ultimately address health disparities and foster health education

The sum total of our efforts - and how we measure our success - is to foster improved health and well-being in our community and beyond.