Speakers on Issues Related to Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

Parenting Skills for Overweight Children

Kerri Boutelle, PhD, Associate Professor and Clinician
Department of Pediatrics

Worksite Wellness

How to Lose Your Baby Fat

Phil Nader, MD, Resident Professor, Emeritus
Division of Community Pediatrics
Michelle Zive, MS, RD, Principal Investigator
Division of Community Pediatrics

Community Engagement: Empowering Physicians to Get Out of the Office, Community Engagement: How to Connect With Healthcare Professionals, Professionalism: The Doctor/Patient Relationship - Communication, Professionalism: The Doctor/Patient Relationship - Boundaries, Professionalism: The Doctor/Patient Relationship - Community Engagement, Prevention: The RecreationRx Program, Healthy Eating, Walkable Communities

Chris Searles, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Family Medicine and Public Health

The Role of Nutrition in Cancer

Cheryl Rock, PhD, RD, Professor
Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Department of Family Medicine and Public Health


Fighting Obesity Through Physical Activity and Proper Nutrition​

​Designing Cities to Be More Active To Reduce Crime and Improve the Environment

​James F. Sallis,Ph.D. Distinguished Professor, Family and Preventive Medicine UC San Diego Health


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