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Why Volunteer at UC San Diego Health?

volunteer playing violin

A volunteer playing violin brings soothing sounds.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to make a difference in someone's life. Our volunteers include adults and active retirees, as well students (both college and high school). Many understand firsthand how emotionally and physically overwhelming a hospital stay can be, and want to help patients and their families feel as comfortable as possible. Others enjoy dedicating their time as a way to serve as an active member of the community, learn more about health care, or experience what it's like to work in a hospital.

See how our volunteers make a difference.

What Our Volunteers Say

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to volunteer. I loved getting to know the nurses and gained a lot of knowledge that will help me with my nursing career. I could tell from my first day that UC San Diego Health works as a team and supports one another in each department while giving safe care. I have never been in a hospital with such positive people. I enjoyed every moment."

"I have been a volunteer at Thornton Pavilion for over a year. I love going there and helping people, especially when I play the cello. Patients will come by and listen, and it makes my day. I'll definitely continue in the future when I return to San Diego."

Pet therapy volunteer

A pet therapy volunteer with the Tender Loving Canine Program.

"Thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with UC San Diego Health. This was one of the best experiences that I will cherish."

"I really love working at Imaging Services. I love the staff and the girls at the reception desk. It's very satisfying to work with patients. I assist and talk with them, offer support and help Spanish speakers with their questions and concerns. They feel relieved and I feel rewarded."

"My time volunteering at UC San Diego Health greatly influenced my decision to pursue nursing at UCLA. The kind, helpful and dedicated ICU staff at Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center inspired me to make a difference in people's lives. Not once did I feel unappreciated, nor did one of my questions ever go unanswered. I felt like a part of the CVC ICU family. The skills I learned here will stay with me throughout my career and I hope to one day work at a hospital as wonderful as UC San Diego Health."

"Volunteering has been a great experience for me so far, much more than I had expected. I've forged relationships with the hospital staff, from patient ambassadors and liaisons to the nurses at Thornton Pavilion and Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center. I've also had some great conversations and moments with patients and visitors. Greeting and wayfinding has boosted my confidence and ability to serve people the best I can, and after each shift I realized I learned something new every time.”

Volunteer Videos

 Volunteers bring pet therapy dogs to patients at UC San Diego Health.

Volunteers share their experiences at UC San Diego Health.

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