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UC San Diego Health: 
 A World Leader in 
 Acoustic Neuroma and NF2

We consult with hundreds of patients per year. Consults include a complete review of your medical records and any test results related to acoustic neuroma/NF2.

Speak with an Expert

You will be contacted within 2-3 business days. For immediate assistance, call us at 858-657-8590.


We're here for you

If you're looking for experts to diagnose and treat acoustic neuroma, we want you to know we'll treat you as a partner, from the first appointment to long after treatment. We help you navigate your journey, whether it's finding a place to stay in San Diego or sorting out billing and insurance. We are a nationally contracted provider for many health plans.

World-Class Advantages, World-Class Care

  • Reduced surgery time and a shorter hospital stay (2 to 3 days; 9-10 days total in San Diego)
  • Reduced complications and readmissions 
  • High success rate of hearing preservation in middle fossa candidates 
  • All three approaches to microsurgical resection, as well as options for radiosurgery or observation 
  • Complete management of neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2)

Comprehensive Services in One Place

Medical Services and Specialties

  • An integrated vestibular therapy program to promote faster balance recovery and return to activity 
  • Audiology services 
  • Osteopathic manipulation after surgery to enhance patient healing and comfort  
  • Advanced hearing implant options such as auditory brainstem implant and bone-anchored hearing implants  

Facilities and Housing

  • First-rate facilities, including Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, which integrates advanced imaging and surgery in an environment that focuses on patient comfort and healing 
  • Convenient housing for family members at our La Jolla Family House with hotel-style guest rooms and furnished apartments, in walking distance to the hospital 
  • Resources for patients, such as access to support groups and complimentary review of medical records for new patients

Our Lead Physicians

Rick Friedman, MD, PhD

Rick Friedman, MD, PhD, is a neurotologist and expert on acoustic neuroma and related disorders. He has treated over 1,000 patients with the condition. His research on the genetic forms of hearing loss is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

Marc Schwartz, MD

Marc Schwartz, MD, is a neurosurgeon and expert on treatment of acoustic neuroma, skull base tumors and NF2. He has treated over 2,000 patients for acoustic neuroma and is one of the leading neurosurgeons in the field of auditory brainstem implants. 

Meet Our Patient Navigator 

Kris Siwek

Kris Siwek can lead you through the process to help you achieve the best outcome possible. A former acoustic neuroma patient herself, Kris draws on her personal and professional experience in health care to guide and support you through diagnosis and treatment. She invites you to use the form above to set up a phone consultation.