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Stem Cell News at UC San Diego Health


​Features Alysson Muotri, PhD

According to a new Cell study, extra DNA scooped up and copied alongside cancer-causing genes helps keep tumors going — elements that could represent new drug targets for brain tumors and other cancer ...
Med India

​Features Inge Holtman, PhD, Christopher Glass, MD, PhD, Nicole Coufal, MD, PhD, and Alexi Nott, PhD

Researchers identified non-coding regions of the human genome that control the development and function of four brain cell types and mapped genetic risk variants for psychiatric diseases. They found t ...
San Diego Union Tribune

​Features Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD, and David Cheresh, PhD

San Diego Union Tribune

​Features Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD

IFL Science

​Features Alysson Muotri, PhD


​Cites research at UC San Diego School of Medicine

San Diego Union Tribune

​Co-authored by Lawrence Goldstein, PhD

Nine-month-old brains-in-a-dish and the brains of premature newborn babies generate similar electrical patterns, as captured by electroencephalogram (EEG) — the first time such brain activity has been ...
University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers identified a new therapeutic approach in mouse models that halts drug resistance and cancer progression by using an antibody that indu ...
UC San Diego School of Medicine has been awarded $9 million to fund research projects using human pluripotent stem cells, CRISPR and human organoids to dissect beta cell defects and create a human cel ...
The multiple sclerosis drug teriflunomide, paired with targeted cancer therapy, markedly shrinks patient-derived glioblastomas grown in mice by reaching stem cells at the tumor’s root, according to a ...
UC San Diego will launch a payload of stem cell-derived human brain organoids to the International Space Station. Researchers will document how these “mini brains” organize into the beginnings of a fu ...
UC San Diego School of Medicine researchers identified chemical compounds that prevent stress-induced clumping of TDP-43 protein in ALS motor neurons grown in the lab — a starting point for new ALS th ...
UC San Diego researchers discover new role for epidermal growth factor receptor in blood stem cell development, a crucial key to being able to generate them in the laboratory, and circumvent the need ...
Using stem cells derived from six people, UC San Diego School of Medicine researchers recapitulated retinal cells in the lab. This “eye-in-a-dish” model allowed them to identify genetic variants that ...
Thirteen years ago, Natalie made a wish that inspired her parents to found the Cystinosis Research Foundation. With their support, UC San Diego researchers are now developing a stem cell-based therapy ...
Time may blur, but the first quarter-century of the newly renamed Shiley Eye Institute – it celebrates that anniversary this year – remains sharply defined in its accomplishments and its focus on the ...
When UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center opens in 2016, blood and marrow transplant patients will have rooms with panoramic views and leading-edge treatments such as stem cell-directed clinical transl ...