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Philosophical Statements Supporting the Professional Practice Model

These philosophical statements reflect upon the key values within the UC San Diego Health professional practice model.

We as professional nurses believe that caring relationships are at the core of our nursing practice. We care for our patients and their families, our health care team members, ourselves, and each other as nurses.

Our nursing practice is based on Joanne Duffy’s Quality Caring Model which explains that feeling cared for is essential to achieving exceptional outcomes. The goal is for all of us to "feel cared for" by embedding the following caring actions into our daily work of nursing.

Patient and Family

As professional nurses at UC San Diego Health, we provide competent nursing care for all patients. Our practice is to be sensitive and caring while meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and families. We recognize our patients’ and families’ unique experience including the uncertainty and vulnerabilities that accompany illness and suffering. As advocates for our patients, we are present, genuine, responsive, sensitive, engaging, and assistive. Our healing environment, evidence-based practice and innovation lead to stellar patient and family outcomes. Our goal is for each patient and family member to "feel cared for" during their experience at UC San Diego Health. WE CARE.

Professional Nurses

As professional nurses we are autonomous and accountable for our nursing practice. Our practice is based on research, evidence and national standards. We are empowered to make decisions about our nursing practice through our shared governance model. Our clinical practice is caring, comprehensive, accurate and reliable. We pledge to engage in lifelong learning for our professional development. We take care of ourselves and develop caring relationships with other healthcare members so that we can develop authentic caring relationships with our patients and their families. As we develop caring relationships we feel cared for.

Health Care Team

We work collaboratively with all members of the health care team to provide stellar outcomes for our patients. We communicate openly and honestly in our advocacy for our patients. We conduct interdisciplinary rounds with the health care team and include patients and their families in the decision making process about their care. We develop caring relationships with other members of the health care team so that they "feel cared for." Nursing leadership in clinical practice is evident at all levels and in all care environments within the organization. Nurses have a welcome voice at organizational meetings where decisions are made about care, practice and the workplace. In all these ways we, within the UC San Diego Health, strive for nursing excellence.

Our focus on developing caring relationships with patients, families, each other and ourselves allows us to create an environment where feeling cared for is an everyday experience.

Duffy, J. R. (2013). Quality caring in nursing and health systems : implications for clinicians, educators, and leaders (2 ed.). New York, NY Springer Pub.