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Corner Clinic: Our Experts Answer Your Health Questions

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In this month’s Corner Clinic, our experts talk about the role sunglasses play in macular degeneration, how to survive the early days of parenthood and who should be getting the pneumonia vaccine.
In this month’s Corner Clinic, our experts tackle adult ADHD, if and when to take the car keys away from elderly drivers and which post-workout recovery drinks work best.
This month we ask our experts how to keep New Year’s resolutions, how to tell a cold from allergies and whether exercises for your eyes can improve or protect vision.
This month we talk about blood thinners, concussions in young athletes and the cancer-red meat link
This month our experts talk about back-to-school health issues: vaccinations, adolescent sleep and heavy backpacks.
Should I worry about soccer-related head injuries? What does having dense breasts mean for my health? How can I avoid eye damage during the summer? Our experts answer your health questions in this mon ...
I sit a lot at work – should I get a standing desk? I get leg cramps -- should I worry about pulmonary embolism? What can I do about dry eyes? Our experts answer your health questions in this month’s ...
What are some signs of head and neck cancers? Should I go on statins if I have borderline high cholesterol? What are the pros and cons of fetal testing? Our experts answer your health questions in thi ...
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