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Healing Arts Collection at Jacobs Medical Center

Jacobs Medical Center includes an extraordinary 150-piece art collection intended to foster warmth and comfort for patients and their families. Conceived by philanthropist Joan Jacobs, the collection—part of a movement called "therapeutic art"—includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other media in virtually every area of the hospital, from hallways and lobbies to patient rooms and recovery areas.

The collection also complements the hospital's overall architectural design narrative, emphasizing views of nature, natural light and closeness of family. Patient rooms feature panoramas of Balboa Park, La Jolla and other views familiar to San Diegans.

The collection includes prints by notable artists such as Damien Hirst, Beatriz Milhazes, and Julian Schnabel, as well as works by Donald Sultan and Ryan McGinness. There are paintings by California artists Yunhee Min, Whitney Bedford and Eva Struble and work by local photographers such as Philipp Scholz Rittermann and Erik Jepsen. Many of the artists have lived in or have ties to San Diego.

Photo Gallery:

Jacobs Medical Center Photo Gallery
Big Yellow Poppies by Donald Sultan Roses and Two Lemons by Manny Farber Fortune, tapestry by Kiki Smith Selections from Souls III by Damian Hirst Geisel Library photograph by Erik Jepsen Black Hole (Dark Energy, Pearl White) by Ryan McGinness Kaori Fukuyama's 'Origami Unfolding, No. 1' and 'Peaks & Valleys,' Aluminum sculpture by Matt DevineAluminum sculpture by Matt DevinePhotograph by Larry Vogel

More Information

Jacobs Medical Center is a hospital focused on patient care. Much of the collection resides in patient areas and cannot be viewed by the public.

In the future, we may provide docent-led tours of public areas.


Jacobs Medical Center

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