Welcome to Medical Staff Administration

Medical Staff Administration is primarily accountable for the credentialing of over 1,700 UC San Diego Health  practitioners and Advance Practice Professionals. Medical Staff reviews and implements various federal rulings and accrediting body standards pertaining to the functions of the Medical or Advance Practice Professionals. Additionally, we develop establish and enforce medical staff by laws, rules and regulations that govern the activities of the medical staff.

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UC San Diego Health Medical Staff Administration is staff by:

  • Meg Bassett-Brne, CPCS, CPMSM
    Director, Medical Staff
  • Sonia Uribe, CPCS, CPMSM
    Manager - 619-543-8346
  • Michelle Appleby
    Credentialing Coordinator – 619-543-7814
  • Merlyn Diaz
    Credentialing Coordinator - 619-471-0379
  • Eugene Egaran
    Credentialing Coordinator – 619-543-2820
  • Fabiana Ferlita
    Credentialing Coordinator - 619-543-6010
  • Victoria Ortega
    Credentialing Coordinator – 619-543-2433
  • Megan Lough, CPCS
    Database Analyst – 619-543-2333
  • Tara Tigerina, CPCS
    Credentialing Specialist - 619-543-7830
  • Nanette Tutt, CPCS
    Credentialing Specialist - 619-543-7811
  • Maribel Zazueta, CPCS
    Credentialing Specialist - 619-543-7833
  • Sara Perez - 619-543-1805
    Administrative Assistant to the Director; Special Projects

Mailing Address:
200 W Arbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92103-8821
Phone: 619-543-7874
Fax: 619-543-1850