Bridges to Nursing Excellence Program - Application FAQ's

1.       Q: How can I be considered for a nursing specialty training opportunity?

A: You must apply to a specialty training job online in order to be considered.  Visit our nursing jobs at  Training opportunities will have a job posting title including the words "New to…" (i.e. (RN) Clinical Nurse II/III – New to Surgical ICU, (RN) Clinical Nurse II/III – New to L&D/Postpartum).  If you do not see any job postings with these words, we do not have any training opportunities at that time.


2.       Q: I am not an employee of UCSD. Can I still apply?

A: Most of our specialty training opportunities are initially opened up to current UCSD RNs.  If a successful candidate is not identified internally, the opportunity may be opened up to external candidates.  Job postings that are limited to internal UCSD RNs will state at the top of the job posting "This is a UC San Diego internal recruitment open to UCSD and UCSD Health System staff only." Positions that are available for both internal and external candidates will not have this statement in the posting.


3.       Q: What documents do I need for the application?

A: You will need to submit an up-to-date resume and application (including your current UCSD work experience).  A cover letter highly recommended as well.  Your resume should include any applicable work experience, training courses, certifications, unit/organization committee involvement and volunteer experience. 


4.       Q: The online application gives me an option to upload a resume or create a resume using the Resume Builder.  Should I use the Resume Builder?

A: It is highly recommend you upload your up-to-date resume as a PDF. When you upload a resume as a Word document, it will automatically convert to a PDF which may change some of the formatting. Uploading your own resume looks more professional and gives a more favorable first impression in comparison to the Resume Builder.


5.       Q: I am a current UCSD employee. Why do I need to submit an updated resume?  Doesn't HR already know that I work here and my current department? 

A: An updated resume reflecting your current position and UCSD experience is required. HR and hiring managers may not always know where you currently work and your applicable experience. If your application materials do not reflect that you meet the minimum qualifications of the job posting, your application will not be considered. 


6.       Q: The job posting states, "While not required, a cover letter is highly recommended when applying for this position." Do I really need to submit a cover letter?

A: A cover letter is highly recommended when applying for a specialty training opportunity.  This is your opportunity to share with the hiring department your interest in the particular area you're applying for as well as the experience and training you have participated in that has prepared you for this role.


7.       Q: Will I be able to update/edit my application and attached documents after I apply for a specific position?

A: No, you can only update and edit your application and attached documents before you submit them for a specific position. Once you submit your application for a specific position the only information you may update for that position is the contact information in your profile.

The system will remember the jobs you started to apply for and you may click the "Finish Later" button which will save information and store your application and attached documents. But remember, you MUST return and apply before the filing deadline.


8.       Q: What is the timeline for the interview and hiring process?

A: Each job posting will have a filing deadline.  Applications are reviewed and the most qualified candidates are referred to the hiring department after this filing deadline has passed.  Each department may have a different hiring timeline based on their capacity and availability.  You can always check the status of your application for specific positions by clicking on "My Current Status" under the "My Jobs" tab, which is updated once screening and hiring decisions have been made.


9.       Q: I interviewed for a specialty training position but did not get the position.  Can I find out why I wasn't selected?

A: You may reach out Talent Acquisition at (619) 543-3200 or, or the hiring manager of the position to request feedback. 


10.   Q: What training or courses can I take to make myself more competitive?

A: You may refer to our Nursing Education, Development, and Research site for a calendar of courses, professional development opportunities, and additional training resources:


11.   Q: At what point of the interview process will I need to provide references?

A: All reference checks are conducted via an online skills assessment tool called SkillSurvey.  UCSD internal candidates will be required to provide their current supervisor as a reference after the interview is completed. External candidates may be asked to provide references prior to an in-person interview.


12.   Q: I am a current UCSD RN, can I ask my current manager for a recommendation for the department I am applying to?

A: All UCSD Health Nurse Managers are supportive of this program and want to encourage their team member's growth and career development when appropriate.  It is encouraged to speak with your current manager about your interest in training in a different nursing specialty.  You may ask them to recommend you for other departments if they feel it is appropriate.  This recommendation would not take place of the SkillSurvey reference check.  The online reference check would still be required prior to an offer of employment in a new unit.