Hillcrest PCU 11 East and West

Scope of Service/Type of Patients:

We hope to touch people’s lives through compassionate state of the art care. We recognize the value of every person and we are guided by our commitment to nursing excellence and healthcare leadership while maintaining a patient and family centered outlook.

The  Progressive Care Units at UC San Diego Health are at the forefront of high quality patient care and service. It is a unique unit that advocates for patient safety and satisfaction through transformational leadership, innovation, and empowerment of the professional nurse.

These  units serves as a stepping stones for those patients who are well enough to leave the ICU, but may still require closer monitoring than that provided on our Medical/Surgical or Telemetry units. We care for a wide variety of patient populations, including but not limited to: IMU, Tele, and medical surgical patients catering to orthopedics, transplant and general surgery.


Hillcrest: 11th Floor

Number of Beds:    

  • 36 (20 on 11 East and 16 on 11 West)

Specialty Programs/Certifications:

CCRN, PCCN, ONC, and CMSRN are preferred certifications.

Training Programs:

  • PCU class series, transplant class
  • ART classes
  • EKG classes
  • Quarterly skills training
  • Nursing Externship Program
  • New Graduate Residency Program
  • New Grad hires precept with experiences nurses for 12 weeks based on progression

Who We Are

Welcome to the 11th floor surgical PCU in Hillcrest.  This is a brand new unit from the merging of 11 East IMU and 11 West MEd Surg transplant December 2016.  This unit serves three various levels of care: IMU, Telemetry and medical surgical.  Located in the heart of downtown Hillcrest, the unit features spacious private rooms and provides care to all types of simple to complicated medical surgical cases such as kidney and liver transplant, neurosurgery, cardiac catheterization, gall bladder removal, delicate and specialized cancer surgeries, joint patients and complex reconstructive surgery.  Nurse to patient ration varies from 1:3 on IMU and 1:$ on medical surgical transplant patients and 1:5 on general medical surgical cases.  We establish close collaboration with physicians, case managers, social workers, dietary, pharmacists and rehab staff to coordinate full range of patient care.  We have a diverse group of 90 career staff, per diems, travelers and registry.

This unit is still in its forming stage of hiring a team of dedicated , empowered and committed staff.  Unit features:

  • 22 new career hires
  • 19 nurses are in graduate school for nursing (NP, MSN, PhD)
  • 22 certified nurses
  • 17 unit champions representing different committees (unit and hospital wide)
  • Management team has MSN (two are currently in school), 3 staff nurses have MSN
  • High rate of BSN (84%)
  • 11 med surg nurses were cross trained for IMU level of care
  • Newly remodeled 11 East staff lounge
  • Active unit based practice council
  • 5 Clinical Nurse III's
  • 2 staff working on the Frontline Leadership Academy
  • 10 quality student nurse externs per semester

Ideal Candidates

An active CA RN license, ART/BART certification, 1 year of recent RN experience in an acute care setting.  Ideal candidates are those nurses who put patients and their families at the center of the health care team. We are looking for nurses that exhibit compassion, caring, a commitment to quality evidence based outcomes, and a genuine smile.

Nurses with experience in critical care and/or progressive care, and have supporting documentation regarding their competencies and skills are encouraged to apply.