Medical Surgical Units

Medical Surgery NursesEnhance your clinical skills in our world-renowned Departments of Medical Surgical Patient Care.

As part of the only academic medical center that provides specialized medical services to the San Diego community, we rise to meet the health care challenges that affect individuals in the region and the world. We provide all types of medical/surgical services, from routine procedures such as gall bladder removal to extremely delicate and specialized cancer surgeries, and complex reconstructive surgery. Here, you can advance your practice in a teaching, research driven environment rich in continuing educational opportunities. Nurses who join us will encounter exciting opportunities for growth in a stimulating, supportive milieu.

UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest

Acute Care Med/Surg Specialty Unit-Trauma/Orthopedics/Neuro-Surgery

8th Floor Bone StaffLocated on the 8th Floor, this newly remodeled 29-bed unit specializes in Trauma, Orthopedics, Neuro-Surgery, and General Medical Surgical conditions. This Unit features spacious private and semi-private patient rooms and a redesigned nurses’ station and focuses primarily on orthopedic and neurosurgery patients, all ages,  with knee and hip replacements as our specialty and some med/surg and trauma patients as well.  We have a 5:1 patient Nurse Ratio. We use computerized charting and physician order entry, and our Intranet Web site provides instant access to resource information, forms, online CEUs, and much more. Close collaboration between our Physicians, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurses and ancillary departments advances the quality of patient care. As a unit, we participate in patient research, and partner with the Orthopedic unit at Thornton to sponsor the annual BONES (Bonafide Orthopedic Nursing Education Symposium) which is the largest Ortho Nursing Education day in San Diego. Our respect for diversity in the workplace is evidenced by the creation and application of sensitive standards of communication.
  • We require a current California RN License and BART certification. Recent Acute Care and Ortho/Trauma/Neuro experience in a teaching facility preferred.
  • New Grads are preceptored by experienced nurses who are enthusiastic about teaching.
  • New Grad orientation is for 12 weeks based on progression.
  • Daisy Award Winners James Sardelis and Melanie Nelson, RN of the Year Myrna Evalle, Nursing Assistant of the Year Quana Edwards
  • High rate of BSN, high rate of certification, more CNIII than any other unit, low turnover of staff, high patient satisfaction scores, active Unit Council
  • As a unit our team has participated in the following volunteer activities (Community Outreach) :
    • Heart Walk in Balboa Park
    • Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk
    • Multiple Sclerosis Walk

Acute Care Med/Surg/ Specialty Unit

11West is 17-bed inpatient unit which specializes in Abdominal Transplant, Head and Neck Surgery, Urology, Reproductive Medicine, Vascular Surgery and Nuclear Medicine. It is located on the top floor, all private rooms with a solarium for patient and family use. We conduct daily multidisciplinary rounds for our transplant patients which promote strong collaboration and better communication Between disciplines. We created the healing cart which helps provide comfort to our dying patients. The unique services that we provide and the team work spirit of the staff makes this floor a challenging and rewarding unit to work and enhance your nursing skills.

  • We require a current California RN license and CPR certification, preferably with transplant experience or Med/Surg certification.
  • New Grads attend the Boot Camp program with mentors and preceptors.

Acute Care Med/Surg Infectious Diseases

6 East is a 22-bed inpatient care unit specializing in infectious disease, particularly HIV. We are one of the few treatment centers for HIV in the nation, providing inpatient care for the well-known outpatient Owen Clinic. We have hosted HIV nursing conferences that have been a source of learning for the nursing community in San Diego. We also specialize in the treatment of tuberculosis infection and other acute medical conditions such as meningitis, sickle-cell crisis, cellulitis and diabetes. We offer opportunities for professional growth, continued learning and career development. The wide variety of patients makes working here both rewarding and challenging.

  • We require a CA RN license, BCLS, CPR with 1 year of acute med-surg experience. BSN and HIV or Tb experience preferred. Bilingual skills a plus.
  • New Grads are preceptored by experienced nurses who are enthusiastic about teaching. New Grad orientation is for 6 -12 weeks based on progression.

Medical Surgical Acute Care Services

Medical Surgical Nurses6 West is an 18-bed general medicine unit. Nurses on this unit often have the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with their patients, and become well-versed in the treatment of liver and kidney diseases, COPD, diabetes and other chronic medical conditions. 6 West also is home to the Care Initiation Unit, a 5-bed unit where nurses complete initial assessments, data collection and interdisciplinary referral for new admissions to Med-Surg. We offer opportunities for professional growth, continued learning and career development.

  • We require a CA RN license, BART training with at least one year of acute care experience. BSN preferred. Bilingual skills a plus.
  • New Grads are preceptored by experienced nurses who are enthusiastic about teaching. New Grad orientation is for 6 -12 weeks based on progression.

Medical Surgical Telemetry

This newly renovated 26-bed monitored unit is located at 10 East, which is also a Stroke Unit. 11 East is a newly opened 20-bed Surgical Telemetry unit that is staffed with a 24-hr Telemetry Monitor Technician and features satellite monitors at the nurses’ station, and uses the PCIS computerized charting system. The patient caseload includes Cardiac cases with Post MI, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Heart Failure/Cardiomyopathy, Post Cardiology Intervention Cases, Stroke, Medical/Surgical, and Trauma Patients.

  • We require a CA RN license, ACLS, CPR and 1-2 years of Telemetry experience. Advance Arrhythmia skills and experience in Open Heart preferred.
  • Training Programs: Experienced RNs spend 4 weeks with a Preceptor. For New Grads this is increased to 8 weeks. Employment begins with day shift for one week followed by transfer to an assigned shift.

UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla

General Medical Surgical/Orthopedics

The Department of Orthopedic Surgery has expertise in cartilage restoration and transplantation, foot and ankle surgery, hand and upper extremity surgery, joint replacement and arthritis surgery, orthopedic trauma, physical medicine and rehabilitation, spine surgery and sports medicine. The 27-bed unit located at 3 East, caters to adults only, and runs 12-hour shifts with flexible scheduling.

  • We require current CA RN license and CPR certification with excellent clinical skills. Recent Med/Surg experience preferred.
  • For New Grads we provide an 8-week “Boot Camp” program with mentors and preceptors.

BMT Oncology Unit

BMT Oncology Unit NursesWe offer the only Blood and Marrow Transplant program in San Diego that is affiliated with a renowned School of Medicine and accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Hematopoietic Therapy (FACT). We focus on Blood and Marrow Transplant and the Oncology population with minimal Med/Surg overflow on our 27-bed private room unit. The growing list of diseases, as well as nonmalignant conditions we treat includes: lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease, acute and chronic leukemia, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, sarcoma, testicular cancer, aplastic anemia, auto-immune and genetic diseases.

  • We require current CA RN license and CPR certification. Experience and certification in oncology nursing and chemotherapy administration is preferred.
  • We offer a Chemotherapy course as part of the training for new grads and experienced nurses wishing to change disciplines. We also offer many oncology educational opportunities that provide detailed information on how to care for this unique population.

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