Evelyn Mosley

Evelyn Mosley

One woman was so thrilled with the care she received from UC San Diego nurse Evelyn Mosley that she named her baby after her.

“That was just so cool that somebody respected me enough and thought enough of my work to name their baby after me. That was a great honor,” Mosley said.

The registered nurse trains residents on diabetes control in pregnant women at UC San Diego Medical Center. She has developed a variety of educational materials for the doctors in training as well as educating mothers who have gestational, Type I or Type II diabetes. She is now in the process of refreshing the Web pages devoted to diabetes in pregnancy, a crucial patient-education tool.

“I love working with the residents,” Mosley said. “It is rewarding to see how much they have learned and how much they respect our knowledge and how much we do for patients. They are always grateful and thankful.”

Mosley worked in the labor and delivery unit at UC San Diego from 1988 until now except for two years working for another health system from 1995 to 1997.

“I absolutely love working here. I love that the physicians respect us. I love the autonomy they allow us. That is why I wanted to come back to UC San Diego, because I know our knowledge is respected both by the physicians and upper management. We are a valued part of the team.”
She was happy to learn that Magnet recognized the collaborative, progressive atmosphere at UC San Diego Health she has always valued.

“It is a team effort here,” Mosley confirmed. “You never feel like an outsider. Everyone is so willing to teach and help and learn. There is a hierarchy here, but there is also respect for our knowledge and what we bring to our patients every day.

“We work closely with the physicians, residents and attending physicians and there is never a question regarding our knowledge when we suggest a medication, test or plan of care for a patient. Our department and nurses function at such a high level, sharing all the qualities Magnet represents. I am blessed to work with such a wonderful team of nurses in our area and at UC San Diego.”