Lorelei Nodalo

Loreleai Nodalo

Psychiatric nurse Lorelei Nodalo has been instrumental in designing, implementing and maintaining the EPIC electronic records system, a crucial tool to ensure each patient receives the same quality care at UC San Diego Health.

Nodalo has been working in that unit for more than 20 years. She finds it challenging and rewarding because it is less task oriented with more patient involvement. “It is satisfying to see patients leave clean-shaven, organized and understanding their illness and the importance of taking their medication after coming in disheveled, agitated, belligerent and unable to express their needs," Nodalo said.

She helps staff use the EPIC system and gives lessons on its use, ensuring the staff is up to date with changes, revisions and updates. She is also a member of the EPIC Plan of Care Committee and currently working on some changes to make the Behavioral Health Unit’s Care Plan more unit specific.

Nodalo prides herself on complying with the legal aspects involving psychiatric patients and providing the documentation to back up the decisions her team makes.

At UC San Diego Health, Nodalo finds a welcoming atmosphere for nurses’ contributions. Nurses have a strong voice and are confident with the care they provide, she said.

“Nurses here are able to think quickly and address problems before they arise because we know that our actions and interventions are supported by the team.”

She was particularly proud that the health system received Magnet designation.

“It validates the nurses’ excellence,” Nodalo said. “It means we are providing the highest standard of care to our patients.”