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Scholarship Recipients

Recognizing our 2015 Scholarship Recipients

Recipient Unit Purpose
Diana Alcova, MSN, RN, CMSRN, CNL, CNE, PHNThornton 3 EastCertification
Tania Allen, BSN, RNHillcrest 10 EastCertification
Marie Aquinde, BSN, RNThornton 3 WestCertification
Maria Arvizu, BSN, RNHillcrest 8th FloorCertification
Jody Atkinson, RN, CCRNThornton ICUCertification
Sarah Babcock, BSN, RN-BCMoores Cancer CenterCertification
Nancy Barker, RN, CCRN, WCCHillcrest CCUCertification
Alana Bartolome, MSN, RNHillcrest ISCCCertification
Angela Benjamin, BSN, RNHillcrest 6 WestCertification
Ginny Bliss, BSN, RNHillcrest 8th FloorCertification
Nicole Borland, BSN, RNCHillcrest L&DCertification
Don Buendia, BSN, CRNCardiac Cath LabCertification
Maricar Cabanes, RNHillcrest 8th FloorCertification
Edessa Cadiz, BSN, RNThornton 2 WestCertification
Jonathan Ceniza, BSN, RNHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Crystal Chiu, BSN, RNCHillcrest FMCCCertification
Stephanie Chmielewski, BSN, RNHillcrest 5 PCUCertification
Kristina Christensen, BSN, RN, CCRNThornton ICUCertification
Wafa Daoud, BSN, RNHillcrest Burn ICUCertification
Dennis Deguzman, BSN, RNHillcrest 10 EastCertification
Bryan Do, BSN, RNHillcrest Burn ICUCertification
Mia Douglass, BSN, RN, CHPN, PHNHillcrest CCUCertification
Sarah Emerson, MSN, RN, CCRNHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Ala Garza, MSN, RN, NEA-BCHillcrest 10 EastCertification
Ruby Gonzales, BSN, RNThornton 2 WestCertification
Gabrielle Griffin, RNHillcrest ISCCCertification
Heather Gugin, BSN, RN, ONCHillcrest 8th FloorCertification
Bella Gulkarov, BSN, RNHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Nicole Heard, RNThornton 2 WestCertification
Mary Hellyar, MSN, RN, CCRNThornton ICUCertification
Jessica Holder, BSN, RNHillcrest L&D/FMCCCertification
Ali Johnson, BSN, RN, CHPNThornton 2 EastCertification
Lori Johnson, MSN, RN OCNEDRCertification
Cecilia Kasperick, MSN, RN, CBPNMoores Cancer CenterCertification
Nancy Li, BSN, RN, CPANSulpizio CVC PTUCertification
Dorothy Macavinta, BSN, RNCHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Donna MacMillan, BSN, RNSpecial ProceduresCertification
Angelica Madigan, MSN, RNHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Arlene Magpoc, BSN, RNHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Maria Gemma Manuel, BSN, RNHillcrest 6 WestCertification
Mieka McCarthy, BSN, RNHillcrest L&DCertification
Eunice Ong, MSN, RN, PNP, FNP-BHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Angelica Pascual, BSN, RNHillcrest 6 WestCertification
Daniel Patiag, BSN, RNApheresisCertification
Lysianne Pham, BSN, RNHillcrest 8th FloorCertification
Ashley Rollins, BSN, RNLewis Family MedicineCertification
Lisa Ross, BSN, RNCSenior Behavioral HealthCertification
Chelsea Starkweather, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNLHillcrest ISCCCertification
Hanh Tran, MSN, NP, RNHillcrest 8th Floor Certification
Lisa Tran, BSN, RN, PCCNHillcrest 11 PCUCertification
Cresenciana Yambao-Francia, BSN, RNHillcrest 6 WestCertification
Brittany Zogby, BSN, RNHillcrest 8th FloorCertification
Kelly Ball, RN, CCRNSulpizio CVC ICUTuition
Michael Baumgardner, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNLHillcrest 11 PCUTuition
Andrew Beard, RNSulpizio CVC ERTuition
Shannon Beaupre, RNCHillcrest FMCCTuition
Jonathan Bills, RN, CCIPSulpizio CVC ICUTuition
Christine Borillo, BSN, RN, ONCHillcrest 8th FloorTuition
Maria Borowiec, BSN, RNHillcrest 10 EastTuition
Teneille DeLima, BSN, RNHillcrest ERTuition
Marianne Delos Santos, BSN, RNThornton 3 WestTuition
Michelle Duong, BSN, RN, OCNMoores Cancer CenterTuition
Kyle Escobar, BSN, RN, PHNHillcrest 6 WestTuition
Tari Gilbert, MSN, FNP-BCOwen ClinicTuition
Carie Helm, BSN, RN, CCRNThornton ICUTuition
Chantelle Hicks, BSN, RN, CEN, MICNHillcrest ERTuition
Eric Hughes, BSN, RN, PHNHillcrest CCUTuition
Cristen Krause, BSN, RN, CCRNHillcrest CCUTuition
Novette Lacar, RNSCVC PTUTuition
Shulami Lee, RNHillcrest 6 WestTuition
Kellie Meade, RN, MICNSCVC ERTuition
Karen Mitchell-Keels, MSN, RNHillcrest ERTuition
Marlena Montgomery, BSN, RN, CENHillcrest ERTuition
Summer Morgan, MSN, CPNP, RNC-NICEDRTuition
Toni Moseley, BSN, RN, CCRN, CSCSulpizio CVC ICUTuition
Ricardo Padilla, BSN, RN, CCRNThornton ICUTuition
Norvie Payton, RNHillcrest CCUTuition
Matthew Redila, RNThornton ICUTuition
Nelissa Reyes, BSN, RN, ONCHillcrest 8th FloorTuition
Joann Rodriguez, RN, CCRNHillcrest Burn ICUTuition
Leslie Shruhan, RN, CEN, CCRNSulpizio CVC ERTuition
Matthew Stephenson, RNHillcrest 6 WestTuition
Colleen Stinespring, BSN, RN, ONCHillcrest 8th FloorTuition
Susan Thompson, MSN, RNHillcrest 11 WestTuition
Andres Trujillo, RN, MICNHillcrest ERTuition
Roque Anthony Velasco, BSN, RN, PHN, CMSRNHillcrest 6 EastTuition
Nancy White, RN, IBCLC, CPNHillcrest FMCCTuition
Sean Winchell, RNSulpizio CVC ERTuition
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