Bridges To Nursing Excellence

​UC San Diego Health (UCSDH) is committed to creating professional growth for our over 2,500 nurses. One way we are accomplishing this is by creating specific job postings for the purpose of learning a new specialty and/or higher level of acuity. If you are a current UCSDH RN, you are welcome to complete this survey form, which will be used by our Talent Acquisition Nurse Recruiters. When a new opportunity is posted, our Nurse Recruiters will email you that a “New-to-…” Clinical Nurse II/III position has been posted in the area(s) of your interest.

Please note:

  • This email notification is just for UCSDH employees. When registering, you must use your UCSD email address.
  • Nurse Leadership will have access to the list of those who registered. This will allow nurse leaders to have the potential of assisting these RNs with their goals of learning a new specialty and/or acuity.
  • Registering is completely voluntary. You do not have to be registered in this survey to apply for “New-to…” positions. Registering simply allows you to be notified via email when a position is posted.

Click below to take survey and add your name to the interest list:

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Units Participating:

Electrophysiology Lab
GI Procedures
Hillcrest 10 East Medical PCU
Hillcrest 11 Surgical PCU
Hillcrest 5 West Trauma PCU
Hillcrest 7 & 9 Medical PCU
Hillcrest Burn ICU
Hillcrest Emergency Department
Hillcrest GI procedure Unit
Hillcrest Medical ICU (CCU)
Hillcrest PACU (ICU Nurses only)
Hillcrest Surgical ICU
JMC 3F Neuro ICU
JMC 3GH Medical/Surgical/Oncology ICU
JMC 4FGH Surgical Oncology PCU 
JMC 5FG Med Oncology/Palliative Care PCU
JMC 5H Neuro PCU
JMC 6FGH Blood and Marrow Transplant PCU
JMC Emergency Department 
JMC NICU (floats to Hillcrest)
JMC Labor & Delivery/Postpartum Perinatal
JMC PACU (ICU Nurses only)
Moore’s Infusion Center
Sulpizio CVC 3A/Thornton ICU Cardiac ICU
Sulpizio CVC 3B Cardiac PCU 
Sulpizio CVC 4AB Cardiac PCU
Sulpizio CVC Cardiac PTU
Thornton 2E Cardiac PCU
Thornton 2West Surgical PCU
Thornton 3West Surgical PCU
Thornton Special Procedures Unit (GI and Pulmonary)
New Grad Nurse Practitioner (NP)