Our Nursing Philosophy

At UC San Diego Health we believe in the role of the professional nurse. This includes using a peer review process that will help maintain a high standard for the quality of care that we provide, understanding the privilege of having unique relationships with patients, being life long learners who use evidence to guide practice, and being part of decision making processes. We believe the above tenets will ensure safe and high quality care for UC San Diego Health patients and families.

We will adhere to our role in the following ways: 

Patient and Family

As professional nurses at UC San Diego Health , we believe in providing complete nursing care for all patients and their families. Our practice is to be sensitive and caring while meeting the needs of today’s diverse multi-cultural society. Our passion for nursing and patient care excellence is expressed through active participation in clinical decision making and nurse empowerment. We strive to maintain a nursing culture that promotes the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients.


We believe excellence in nursing is a pledge to lifelong education which leads to better patient care. Key elements of our pledge to learning include:
  • The caring relationship with the patient
  • Professional accountability
  • Autonomy in practice
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Staff development
These key aspects of our professionalism are supported by Evidence-Based Practice and national standards of nursing care. 

Leadership and Collaboration

We believe nursing leadership in clinical practice is evident at all levels and in all care environments within the organization and the community. We believe that professional nursing within our institution includes:
  • Providing educational resources
  • Career development
  • Advanced patient care technologies
This allows us to enhance patient care, while engaging in open, collaborative communication with all healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

In all these ways we, within the UC San Diego Health, strive for nursing excellence. It is our goal to provide safe, high quality, family-centered care, to each and every patient.