Donor Stories And Their Impact

Comments from donors to nursing

"You were helpful, considerate, kind, professional and went beyond your call of duty.”

“Thank you for your compassion and caring. You are an inspiration to me.”

“Always professional, courteous and knowledgeable.”

"Thank you for your invaluable support and knowledge in bringing our baby into the world!"

"Outstanding and compassionate patient care!"

"The reason for writing is regarding the great attention I received from the nurses and how appreciative I am for them making my stay very comfortable." 
        - Signed "From your new friend."

"Heidi saved my life by saying the right things – that I would get help and I would recover. I had already thought that I might die. But thanks to her and my surgery team lead by Dr. Brown, I am doing much better!”
        - Anonymous

Donor Impact

"I was honored to receive a scholarship from the Patrons of Nursing; I felt very grateful for the support and acknowledgment. The money was put toward tuition expenses I incurred when I returned to school in pursuit of a masters degree in nursing....after 30 years in the profession! The generosity of others has inspired me to donate to this worthy cause annually." 
        - Operating Room Nurse, 30 years of service.

"As a nurse manager on 6West, I encourage my staff to be certified in medical-surgical nursing. Currently, I have 7 staff nurses certified in medical-surgical nursing. This accounts for 25% of our nurses with certification. I want to lead by example. The Patrons of Nursing funds helped me to be a leader that walks the talk. I am currently scheduled to take my certification exam in the next months. I am hoping to pass the certification and inspire my staff to advance in their clinical practice by becoming certified in our specialty. Certification verifies my knowledge and acknowledges my desire to elevate the standard of the medical-surgical nurse.”
        - Nurse Manager, 9 years

“With the money I got from the Patrons of Nursing Scholarship, I was able to go to Baltimore for the (National Association of Orthopedic Nurses) NAON annual convention; I have gained knowledge and insights on the current trends in orthopedics. The topics were informative and provided cutting edge; orthopedic nurses truly encompass all these roles in providing the best comprehensive care for our patients. As the local NAON chapter president, I take pride representing San Diego in all our education activities.” 
        – Assistant Nurse Manager, 8th floor, 6 years

“I used my Patrons of Scholarship funds to finance my Orthopaedic certification test which I passed last November! I am so happy that I made it! It was a real challenge for me to read the book cover to cover and relate my learning to apply my clinical skills on the unit. I am so proud to be an addition to the >50% certified nurses in 8th floor and I tell my colleagues to do the same thing- pass the test and uphold the nursing profession on to the next level! To my donor – thank you so much!” 
        – Staff Nurse, 4 years

Donors at UC San Diego Medical School