Bannister Family House: Eligibility


Cooking at the Bannister Family House

The Bannister Family House is available to family members and support persons (one room per family) of patients at UC San Diego Health hospitals. Guests must live at least 65 miles from the hospitals, and they must stay a minimum of three nights.

There are no medical services provided at the House or the Hospitlaity Suites (SEE BELOW).  In some cases, a person who has been discharged but still needs to be near the hospital may move into the House with a caregiver, it is medical necessary or the patient has 3 or more appointments per week.  

Priority is given to life-threatening circumstances as opposed to procedural surgeries and diagnostic testing. Consideration is also given based on financial need. 

Room Fees

Although subject to change, the nightly rate for a one-bed room (sleeps a maximum of three people, including babies and children) is $30 per night. Two-bed rooms (sleep a maximum of five people, including children and babies) are $40 per night.  

Bannister Family House Hospitality Suites

The Bannister Family House has partnered with ARCH and Moores Cancer Center to provide six two-bedroom apartment Hospitality Suites located in La Jolla. Currently, these suites are offered to accommodate the needs of Moores Cancer Center patients only.

Bannister House Kitchen TableThe two-bedroom, fully furnished Hospitality Suites include one bedroom with a full-size bed, one bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a full kitchen and a dining and living room area. They are conveniently located across the road to the right of Moores Cancer Center at the UC San Diego North Mesa Apartments.

The fee is $50 per night with a minimum stay of five nights.

Requesting a Hospitality Suite is done by a referral process. All referrals must be completed by the patient's social worker.  Referrals are placed on a wait list and families are contacted by the BFH staff when lodging is available.  The same BFH eligibility requirements listed above apply to the Hospitality Suites.

For referral information, contact the Care Coordination Department at 619-543-5730 or the Bannister Family House at 619-543-7977.