Mosaic Tile Mural


Imagine your name, the name of a friend or the name of a loved one, on a tile in a mural . . .

“A Celebration of Life” by Kim Emerson

“A Celebration of Life” mosaic tile mural by Kim Emerson

This is a way to leave a legacy or honor a family member or friend and support the Bannister Family House.

If you would like to order a tile, complete the order form and fax to 619-543-7937.

For more information, please call 619-543-7977.

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About the Artist, Kim Emerson:

Kim is a local San Diego artist who made her first mosaic in 1991 as a volunteer in Tijuana, Mexico, while building a school with internationally acclaimed artist James Hubbell. Kim’s background in fine art, art history and historic preservation was a solid foundation that prepared her for her newfound passion for mosaics. Kim designed the front of the Bannister Family House in 2005 and 2006 with the first two mosaic phases. It is delightful to have Kim return for the third phase of the mosaic, next to the front door entrance. Kim transforms gray cement into colorful works of mosaic art.