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Video Visits

​Video visits are live, two-way audiovisual visits with your UC San Diego Health providers that you can attend from home without going to the doctor’s office. Use our free MyUCSDHealth app on your smartphone or tablet to conduct these telehealth appointments.

Scheduling a video visit is easy: You can do it yourself online via the MyUCSDChart patient portal or ask your doctor's office for help.

Benefits of Video Visits

  1. Convenience: You can consult the doctor from the comfort of your home or another convenient area. However, virtual visits are not appropriate for emergency situations. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 right away.
  2. Less waiting: You can skip the waiting room and get ready in just a few minutes before your telehealth appointment.
  3. Relaxed atmosphere: Without the distractions often present at a clinic, you can focus on getting all your questions answered.

How to Schedule a Video Visit

  • Online through MyUCSDChart: You can schedule your own video visits online with some health providers, including your own primary care physician (PCP) and Express Care providers. Log in to MyUCSDChart, click "Schedule an Appointment," then select "Video Visit: Primary Care" or "Video Visit: Express Care." For more information on same-day or next-day Express Care video visits, see Express Care video visit.
  • By phone: If you would like to see a specialist or a primary care provider you haven't seen before, or if you prefer making appointments by phone, ask your provider's office if a video visit is a possibility. The office will assist you in scheduling a telehealth appointment.

Guides for Video Visits

FAQs about Video Visits

Does insurance cover video visits?

Yes, most insurers are covering video visits during the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak. You may still be liable for your typical copays and coinsurance. Please check with your insurance company for details.

Can I get prescriptions written during a video visit?

Yes. The prescription can be sent electronically to your pharmacy. However, our providers can't prescribe controlled substances through this telehealth service.

What if I speak another language? Can I have an interpreter during a video visit?

Yes, we have interpreters available to join video visits. This does not need to be requested in advance; simply ask your provider once the call begins.

Can I have a friend or family member with me during my visit?

Yes. However, they must be physically in the same room as you. Please let your provider know who is present during your visit.

Once I try a video visit, do I have to continue using the same method for future appointments?

No, this video visit will not affect any future telehealth appointments. You can also continue to call your provider's office or send messages through your MyUCSDChart account.

How do you ensure privacy during video visits?

Video visits are integrated within MyUCSDChart. The virtual visit can only be initiated once you have securely signed into your MyUCSDChart account with your username and password.