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Missed warfarin doses: “What do I do if I miss a dose of warfarin?”

Pain relievers (NSAIDs, APAP): “What over the counter (OTC) medicines can I take for headache or mild pain?”

Common drug interactions: “I have started a new medicine, what should I do?”

Supplement interactions: “I’d like to take an herbal supplement. Will this be a problem with warfarin?”

Cranberry products: “Can I drink cranberry juice and eat cranberries?”

Vitamin K: “What is vitamin K and do I need to change what I eat now that I’m taking warfarin?”

Travel: “I have a trip planned. Do I need to do anything differently?”

Bleeding: “Is there anything I can do to quickly stop minor nose bleeds and bleeding from cuts and scrapes?”


Bridging: "What it bridging?”

Aspirin and Surgery: “Do I need to stop my aspirin before surgery?”

Dentist visits: “What do I need to do for my dentist appointment?”