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Arthritis and Joint Care

Arthritis is a general term for an "inflamed joint" that refers to more than 100 joint diseases, affecting more than 50 million adult Americans. 

UC San Diego Health offers expert diagnosis and care for all types of joint pain, stiffness and swelling. We can help you preserve joint mobility and function, and maintain quality of life. If you have undiagnosed or unresolved joint pain, ask your primary care physician for help identifying the underlying cause of discomfort. Your primary care physician can refer you to the appropriate specialist for more comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Conditions Treated

Arthritis has many causes, with the major categories described below.

Degenerative Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis (OA), the most common type of arthritis often associated with aging or sports injuries

Autoimmune Arthritis

Many types of arthritis are believed to be caused by autoimmune disorders, including:

With proper diagnosis and new medications, some types of arthritis related to autoimmune function can be put in remission. Our rheumatologists deliver expert care to individuals with inflammatory and autoimmune arthritis.

Infectious Arthritis

Some types of joint pain may be caused by pathogenic organisms, such as

Joint pain that is caused by a microbial infection can often be treated with antimicrobials. Proper diagnosis and early intervention is key to success.

Metabolic Arthritis (Gout)

This form of arthritis is caused by painful deposits of urate crystals in the joints, often in the big toe joint. 

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